Recap: Reading For A Cure

This recap is long overdue.

Last year I sponsored the Reading for a Cure project whose goal was to bring about awareness of pediatric cancer and also to raise funds to find a cure for this devastating disease. It ran an entire year from January 1 – December 31, 2010. You can read more about the project here.

I wanted to take a moment to thank the individuals who joined in the project, who made donations to help find a cure for childhood cancers, who wrote about or mentioned the project on their blogs, and who found it in their hearts to become part of an effort to make a difference in children’s lives. I also want to thank the many publishers and publicists and authors who donated books for giveaways in support of this project; and a special thanks to the folks at The Pediatric Cancer Foundation who worked with me to set up a button on their site and provided me the encouragement to go forward.

As with all things, the cooperation of many results in successful endeavors.

Reading for a Cure raised $1,073.00 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, an organization which is working towards finding a cure for childhood cancers. There may also have been people who donated to other organizations for this cause, but did not notify me. Over the course of the year, Caribousmom enjoyed an average of 3800 visitors a week – enough that I hope awareness was exponentially raised about the need for further research to find a cure for pediatric cancers.

Although Reading for a Cure is now officially over, the needs of children with cancer continues. Just this past week I learned that Kate (a child profiled here on Caribousmom in 2010) has had a recurrence of her brain cancer. Kate underwent an aggressive course of treatment last year, but it has not cured her cancer. Her family is faced with difficult decisions and heartbreaking days as they move forward. Kate needs a cure as do thousands of other kids. Please don’t forget about them. Keep them in your prayers, and find it in your hearts to continue supporting research projects through organizations like The Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

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