Armchair BEA Day 3: Sharing the Blogger Love

Day 3 of The Armchair BEA is celebrating our relationships with other bloggers. Today are the interviews (check out all the links to read interviews with some of your favorite bloggers). For those of us who chose not to do an interview, we have been tasked with talking about our favorite blogs and bloggers.

I have got to tell you, this is not an easy post for me to write. I follow LOTS of blogs. I may not always leave comments, but trust me, I am reading what you write! It is a bit of an addiction. I wish I could post my entire Google Reader blogroll…but that is not feasible. So instead, I’ve decided to just throw out some names and links of a sampling of the blogs I like to read.

Author blogs:

Beth Kephart Books – I love Beth’s blog. She not only reviews books there, but she posts beautiful photos, and lovely thoughts about life. I got the chance to meet Beth at last years BEA in NYC, and she is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog.

Literary Fiction Bloggers:

Ti at Book Chatter – Love her reviews which she infuses with her personality. She reads quite a bit of literary fiction.

Buried In Print – This blogger’s reviews are all about the experience of reading a book. There are lots of thoughts on the prize winners and nominees.

Jackie at Farm Lane Books – I love Jackie’s blog which is heavily weighted toward literary fiction. Her Orange Prize prediction posts, and introduction to new and upcoming books posts are always ones I count on to add to my ever growing wish lists.

Carrie at Nomadreader – Carrie and I share many of the same literary interests. I love her friendly format for book reviews. This is an active blog…and if you trend toward the literary fiction side of reading, you don’t want to miss this blog.

Gavin at Page247 – Here is another blog rich in literary fiction reviews. Gavin is one of those bloggers who makes you feel that you are sitting right there having a discussion with her.

Jill at The Magic Lasso – Jill is the co-owner (along with me) of The Orange Prize Project (and hosts Orange January and Orange July as well as a facebook page for those events)…so, on her blog you will find TONS of content about Orange Prize winners and nominees, but also other wonderful literary fiction books.

Laura at Musings – I could just have easily put Laura’s blog under Classic Literature as she has been reading a lot of that lately … but she also covers a fair amount of Literary Fiction (including Booker and Orange prize winners and nominees…and she hosts the Complete Booker Challenge too). Either way, Laura’s reviews are concise and honest, and I almost always agree with her! Her mid-week musings are must reads…they always provoke some thought and discussion.

Mystery and Suspense Bloggers:

Wendy at Musings of a Bookish Kitty – I have been reading Wendy’s blog for a long time now. She not only has some great posts about her animals, but she writes terrific reviews.

Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise – If you love mysteries and suspense, you need to subscribe to Kerrie’s wonderful blog. I honestly do not know how she maintains the amount of content she posts…fantastic!

Eclectic Bloggers:

Natalie at Book, Line and Sinker – If you like to read a whole lot of varied content, this is the place to come. Natalie includes interviews, reviews of a wide range of books and tons of book related content.

Lisa at Books on the Brain – I love Lisa’s honesty. She reviews a wide range of books and is one of the co-owners of TLC Book Tours. There is much to like about her blog.

Les at Lesley’s Book Nook – Les feels like an old friend. Her blog not only covers a wide range of books, but there is so much of her in it. I like when bloggers mix the personal into their blogs, and Les has found the perfect balance of personal and professional in her very accessible blog.

Nicole at Linus’s Blanket – Nicole is one of the busiest bloggers out there. She hosts podcasts, does interviews, runs an online Book Club, does reviews…whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it! I love the amount of information on Nicole’s blog, delivered professionally and with a thoughtfulness I appreciate.

Heather at Raging Bibliomania – I love Heather’s blog. She reads just about everything, it seems. Her reviews are very in depth and honest…and I have come to appreciate that if she likes it, so will I.

Aths at Reading on a Rainy Day – Another blog which covers a wide range of books from literary, to historical, to YA. Aths is wonderfully genuine. I love her reviews, but I also love the glimpses into who she is as a person.

Rhapsody in Books – This is a husband and wife team who review lots of nonfiction as well as literary and historical fiction. Jill and Jim are both teachers…and so they share commentary and post content which stimulates discussion.

El Fay at This Book and I Could Be Friends – You will find reviews on books from World Literature to Speculative Fiction to Poetry to Graphic Novels on El Fay’s blog. Well organized, always informative, this is another of my must read blogs.

Avis at She Reads and Reads – This Canadian blogger reads a lot of different types of books. I love her Similar Covers feature. Not only is she a great blogger, but I got to meet Avis at last year’s BEA, and she is just as nice in person as she is on her blog!

Jen at Devourer of Books – I really love Jen’s blog. She reads a lot of the same kinds of books I enjoy – literary, historical fiction, women’s fiction, mystery and thrillers. She also hosts a monthly Book Club (along with Nicole from Linus’s Blanket). Terrific reviews.

Funny Bloggers:

Raych at books i done read – Need a good laugh? Don’t miss Raych’s blog. She uses caterpillars to rate her books…and her Sunday dithers are wonderful.

Jill at Fizzy Thoughts – I have had the pleasure of meeting Jill in person a couple of times – and she is hilarious! Her blog is funny, thoughtful and one of my must reads.

Trish at Love, Laughter and A Touch of Insanity – This 20-something blogger always makes me smile. She reviews literary fiction as well as genre fiction…and shares some great content about food, her life, and crafts (I love her quilting posts!).

As I mentioned, this is just a small sampling of the blogs I read and enjoy. If you have stopped by and left a comment on my posts, you can be almost certain I also read your blog. I decided a few months back to delete my blog roll from my sidebar as it only included a tiny percentage of the blogs I love. I encourage readers of my blog to click through the links in my comment sections of posts to check out the bloggers who come by here regularly.

Do you have some must read blogs in YOUR blog roll? I’d love if you’d share them in the comments of this post!


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  1. How nice of you to include us on your list! And three Jills, no less! :–) Well, speaking for myself but I’m sure for everyone you named, we all love your blog too! :–)

  2. Thank you so much for including me on your list, Wendy! I’m honoured to be among so many great bloggers. I am familiar with most of them, but you have introduced me to a couple of new ones.

    I love your blog too, and I hope we can manage to meet up again sometime soonish! 🙂

  3. Thank you for mentioning me 🙂 I follow all the blogs that you mention so don’t have to worry about increasing my already stretched google reader :- )

  4. Ooh! Thanks for including me on your list! I can see that I am in very good company!

  5. Oh, thank you! I love your blog too, and I LOVE having you as a BOOK CLUB participant.

    • Wendy on May 26, 2011 at 07:25

    Jill & Jim: You’re very welcome – and you are so kind!!!

    Avis: How could I not include you!??! I hope we’ll get to meet up again one of these days too (maybe next years BEA??!?) You rock!

    Jackie: It is so funny that we follow the same blogs – but I guess I should not be surprised!

    Heather: You’re welcome 🙂

    Jen: BOOK CLUB is so awesome – I am having so much fun with that with you and Nicole and the rest of the readers…hope you keep doing it 🙂

    • Aths on May 26, 2011 at 11:14

    Awww.. thank you so much for including me!! I absolutely love your blog too and enjoy reading your really thoughtful reviews! I follow many of the blogs you listed, but there are a couple of new-to-me blog that I simply must check out!

  6. Thanks for mentioning me! I think it’s quite telling how similar our taste runs that most of the blogs you highlighted are also among my favorites:-) A few are new to me and I’m sure they’ll be impacting my TBR soon!

    • Wendy on May 30, 2011 at 15:46

    Aths: You’re so welcome! You are one of my favorite “go to” blogs!

    Carrie: You’re welcome! I’m not surprised we share some favorites 🙂

    • Trish on June 5, 2011 at 12:22

    A lot of these blogs I’m familiar with and call my favorites as well.

    And Wendy, seriously thank you for the mention. Seems a little fitting that I should finally be reading this post today (get a little behind these days) as today is my bloggiversary and YOU are the one who influenced me to start my own blog. 😉

    • Wendy on June 5, 2011 at 14:21

    Trish: I had no idea I was an influence for you to blog … and I am thrilled, because I LOVE your blog!!! Happy bloggiversary! 🙂

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