BBAW Book Giveaway Winners: Part I

Book Blogger Appreciation Week was awesome. Thank you to all who stopped by – I am planning to visit bloggers who left comments on my posts later this week. There are many new to me blogs and I am excited to see what everyone is doing! Over the next few days, I will be announcing winners in the daily giveaways (there is still time to enter some of the giveaways – check out the right sidebar on my blog for relevant links to the entry posts).

Today I am announcing FOUR winners.

On Day One of BBAW I asked people to give me the links to blogs which had introduced them to an important part of the book blogging community. I’m providing those links at the bottom of this page for your clicking pleasure!

I used to pick two bloggers to win a copy of BY NIGHTFALL by Michael Cunningham…and here are the lucky winners:

  • Evangeline Han who blogs at Sugarpeach – she won the trade paperback edition of the book.


  • Erin who blogs at Erin Reads – she won the hardcover edition of the book. also helped me pick a winner for the hardcover edition of MICE by Gordon Reece. Congratulations to:

Lizzy Siddal who blogs at Lizzy’s Literary Life who wrote in her comment: “I love the page-turning breathlessness of reading a good thriller! And I think MICE might just provide that!

And, last but certainly not least, I used to choose a winner for the hardcover edition of DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND by Lisa Unger. Congratulations to:

Carrie who blogs at Nomadreader who wrote in her comment: “I think I most love the breathless anticipation of a good thriller. Reading them consumes me in a way all I want to do is finish.

I have sent all of you an email – please respond to that within the next five days with your snail mail so that I can get your books sent off to you!

Now, as promised – all of the bloggers who were acknowledged on my Day One BBAW book giveaway post:

  • Judith at Leswammes Blog  wrote: “One person through which I connected up with lots of blogs was Sheila of Book Journey with her It’s Monday! meme. Once I’d discovered that, I realised how many book blogs there were and I started to become part of the community.
  • Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit wrote: “…one of my favorite features in the blogosphere is Scene of the Blog at Kittling: Books: she’s catered to the voyeur in me. I just love getting a sneak peak into other bloggers’ spaces.”
  • Julie at Read Handed wrote: “Though I’m not into paranormal books, Parajunkee’s Book Blogging 101 series is my go-to for blogging questions. One of the most important lesson she taught me was the html code for linking in comments (used above and pretty much everyday of my life)!
  • Tanabata at In The Spring It Is The Dawn wrote: “…if it weren’t for Andi I might never have begun blogging in the first place since she introduced me to the world of blogging.
  • Andi at Estella’s Revenge wrote: “Hmmm, a blogger who opened me up to a facet of the community would be Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness. I love her recommendations for non-fiction and I’ve met lots of bloggers via her site.
  • Teresa at Teresa’s Reading Corner wrote: “I found most of the blogs that make up my community by participating in the early days of the Book Blog Hop hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books
  • Erin at Erin Reads who wrote: “The very first blogger I remember interacting with is Amanda, formerly of the Zen Leaf, now blogging at She was so welcoming and friendly that I stuck with this whole crazy book blogging thing!
  • Amy at The House of the Seven Tails who wrote: “I credit Lisa at Lit and Life with introducing me to the concept of reading challenges and providing me one to try with her Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. I didn’t manage to complete it but that’s beside the point! (I think!)
  • Adam at Roofbeam Reader wrote: “Shooting Stars Mag is another book blogger – and she introduced me to the awesomeness of Book Tours & Author Interviews!
  • Trudy at Boys and Literacy wrote: “I have to thank Book Dads for supporting me as a brand new blogger by posting one of my articles on his website. I love how passionate book bloggers are about what they do and I have found a lot of really nice people. I love blogging about books for boys and I’ve found a lot of good books I never knew existed.
  • Ryan at Wordsmithonia wrote: “I give all the credit to Deb for getting me started on the road to book blogging. It’s been something I’ve loved since I started in 2009, so I thank her for giving me the inspiration to get started.
  • Sarah Reads Too Much wrote: “I want to give credit to Judith.  She has actually left a comment already, but although I didn’t mention her in my post today – I think she is a great blogger and I admire all the work she does on her site.
  • Aths from Reading on a Rainy Day wrote: “As I mentioned in my post today, J.Kaye was a big influence on my blog. In so many ways, I felt more comfortable blogging because of how helpful she was and how often she was willing to guide newbies through the incredible maze that book blogging can sometimes be.” *MY NOTE: J Kaye was a very active blogger until she decided to focus more on her writing and gave up her blog.
  • Shooting Stars Mag wrote: “A blogger that really opened me up to the friendship side of blogging is Chelsea from, what used to be the Page Flipper, Coffee and Cliffhangers.
  • Evangeline Han at SugarPeach wrote: “I give credit to Parchment Girl. Many of the points in my review policy came from hers and her blog was a great guideline when I first started book blogging.”
  • Vicki at Raging at the Box wrote: “The first blogger I got to know was Nise from Under The Boardwalk. She and her blog helped me get comfortable with blogging and introduced me to other bloggers and a few memes.
  • Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World wrote: “I think that So Many Precious Books, So Little Time was one of the early book blogs that I followed:
    I think I learned a lot about all of the different facets of a book blog, from reviews to giveaways to challenges. And now she is involved with Virtual Author Book Tours as well!
  • Eclectic Book Readings wrote: “Hands down, Eva from A Striped Armchair, was the book blogger that helped me more, and it was through her that I discovered several other bloggers that besides reading were also interested in promotting POC literature, GLTB literature, poetry,..
  • Michelle at The True Book Addict wrote: “The blogger I credit with introducing me to the entire book blogging community (he’s the reason I started my book blog in the first place)…Ryan at Wordsmithonia
  • Nose in a Book wrote: “The book blogger who has done the most to introduce me to the book-blogging community is, I think, Judith of Leeswammes (I see I’m not the first to say that either).

THANKS to all who stopped by and entered the giveaway!

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    • freda on September 17, 2011 at 10:35

    WTG winners!

  1. Great post! I loved reading everyone’s comments about their inspirational blogmate. While I didn’t recognize a lot of the bloggers included, I had to smile when I saw Nat’s comment about Andi. I feel like I’ve known those two for at least a decade via the Yahoo group with which I used to be involved. It’s still a small world after all. 🙂

  2. Oooh congrats all around! Great books for some awesome bloggers!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    • Erin on September 18, 2011 at 07:06

    Thanks for By Nightfall — I’m so excited to have won a copy! And I loved reading through everyone’s responses. Great idea to post them all!

  4. Congrats to the winners – and I love the way you’ve kept the BBAW spirit going by creating a post from all those “introduction” comments and links :-).

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