“You Are My Only” Treasure Hunt

 Over the last several weeks there has been a treasure hunt in the book blog world. Beth Kephart, author of the wonderful novel You Are My Only (read my review) has been posting guest posts about the making of this book.  Bloggers were tasked with finding those five entries and then posting them collectively on their own blog.  Finding all five entries makes one eligible to be entered in a drawing.

Beth describes it as follows:

Two winners will be selected. Each will win these two things: A signed copy of You Are My Only AND a critique (by yours truly) of the first 2,000 words of a work-in-progress. As many of you know, I teach memoir at the University of Pennsylvania and served as the inaugural readergirlz author in residence. I have written in multiple genres and critique adult fiction for major U.S. newspapers. Your manuscript can, I am hinting, be in any genre, save for a screenplay, about which I have absolutely zero expertise.

Of course, I decided to play along! Here are the five posts with links to where you can find them:

  1. The Furious Metamorphosis of Sophie posted on September 9th at Mundie Moms
  2. Opening the Doors to Cloris and Helen posted on September 21st at My Friend Amy
  3. When Emmy Called, I Listened posted on October 10th at The Story Siren
  4. What Name Should We Give This Book? posted on October 11th at Chick Loves Lit
  5. I Was Obsessed With An Asylum posted on October 11th at Bookalicious

I hope you’ll visit these terrific posts to get an inside look at the creative process of one of the most talented writers out there!


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  1. You beautiful sleuth, you. Thank you. It’s funny. I was lying awake, in the deep dark, thinking of you and your sister. I hope you have had a beautiful time.

    • zibilee on October 13, 2011 at 05:11

    I am so glad you found them all, and I hope you win! I have been hearing nothing but good things about this book and really hope to get the chance to read it soon. It sounds like an excellent story!

    • Serena on October 14, 2011 at 06:59

    I loved these posts…they were so insightful.

    • Wendy on October 25, 2011 at 08:30

    Beth: A belated thank you! We had an amazing time!

    Heather: Definitely read it!

    Serena: I agree 🙂

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