Ahhhhhh – Swoon!

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I am beyond thrilled with this latest quilt and am grateful to Katy at Monkey Do (formally, I’m a Ginger Monkey) for starting the Swoon-Along and the companion Flickr group to help motivate me to get this one done (*NOTE: the Swoon Along is still going on and it is not too late to join – it has also expanded to include Camille Roskelley’s latest quilt patterns, On a Whim and Hopscotch).

**Front on left; Back on right

This quilt is the biggest quilt I have quilted to date (I also made this one which was a little larger, but I did not quilt it myself). I used the gorgeous Etchings fabric from 3 Sisters by Moda. The blocks for this quilt finish at a huge 24″ square which made it a snap to construct. The entire quilt finished at 83″ X 83″ (I made my quilt slightly larger than the pattern by widening the sashing strips).

As with all my quilts, I pieced the back. I made an extra block and then used large and small cuts of Etchings to piece around it.

I was really scared to try quilting this one myself. It is large and the fabric is bulky. But, I pulled my sewing machine out of the sewing room and set it up on my dining room table so the quilt would be fully supported as I worked. I quilted with free motion in a meandering stipple (which is my “comfort zone”). Although it took time, and my shoulders and hands got tired (necessitating lots of breaks), I found it was not as hard as I had anticipated. It took me about a week to complete the quilting.

The binding is a red fabric from the collection which reads as a solid.

And, of course, I hand embroidered the label to finish things off.

This one will stay on the bed for awhile so I can enjoy it!


This quilt counts toward the second quarter of the 2012 Finish Along (visit my pre-quarter post to see all the quilt projects I hope to finish this quarter).



21 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh – Swoon!”

    1. Hi Susan – thank you! I don’t sell my quilts. I’ve only been quilting for just under 3 years and so many of my early quilts went to friends, family, charity, etc…For me, the quilting is just a relaxing, wonderfully creative venture, so I am reluctant to do anything which would turn it into a business :) So no selling quilts…at least for now!

  1. Oh my, now you have me swooning!! Gorgeous work, Wendy. I really admire your eye for color and design and your persistence on such a major project. Me, I’ve been bitten by the sock knitting bug and just finished my first pair (photo on my FB page). I can’t wait to see your next creation!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I love the creative process…and I am impressed with your socks!!! I used to do a lot of knitting when I was in high school and college and it is very addictive! Have fun :)

    1. Trish: I want to see photos!!! Before you know it you will be thinking of quilts 24-7 (in between taking care of that little rascal of yours!). I wish we lived closer too – BUT, we don’t live all that far from each other. Next time I make it down to the Bay area, I’ll let you know and maybe we can grab a cup of coffee and visit a little :)

    1. Serena: Thanks :) Right now I am not doing commissions…I think I would be totally stressed knowing someone was going to pay for my work LOL

  2. Oh that’s pretty! I have not seen many Swoons that I really liked, but yours did turn out lovely. (Mostly I think people use too jarring a mix of colors, which is crazy since I tend to like bright stuff!)

    1. Lisa: Thank you! I have seen a wide variety of these Swoon quilts … and some fabrics, I think, work better than others. But it is a versatile pattern, isn’t it?

  3. Wendy! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the swoon pattern but I especially like the colors and fabrics that you’ve picked. Curious if you use quilting gloves when you machine quilt?

    1. Thank you, Trish :) I definitely use gloves when I free motion quilt as it helps me to control the fabric better (I’ve tried it without gloves and I can’t seem to grip the fabric as well).

  4. I love this quilt with its great color combinations. And I am so impressed that you’ve made the time to do so much quilting over the past few years. All of your quilts are gorgeous, Wendy!

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