July 31, 2012 archive

“Explored” Quilts on Flickr

1. CompanionStarFriendship.Front, 2. Swoon.Front, 3. Swoon.Front, 4. RockinRobin.Front, 5. SummerSampler.Front, 6. Collaborative Quilt Front, 7. SummerSamplerQAL.TopSashed0001, 8. SummerSamplerQAL.FinishedBlocks10001, 9. P2ModernQAL-Front, 10. FriendshipStarQuilt.Front, 11. ChocLollipop.Zigzag.FRONT These are my quilts which were “explored” on Flickr (click on the photo above to see a larger view…or click on the itemized links to see each quilt individually). What does …

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