“Explored” Quilts on Flickr

1. CompanionStarFriendship.Front, 2. Swoon.Front, 3. Swoon.Front, 4. RockinRobin.Front, 5. SummerSampler.Front, 6. Collaborative Quilt Front, 7. SummerSamplerQAL.TopSashed0001, 8. SummerSamplerQAL.FinishedBlocks10001,

9. P2ModernQAL-Front, 10. FriendshipStarQuilt.Front, 11. ChocLollipop.Zigzag.FRONT

These are my quilts which were “explored” on Flickr (click on the photo above to see a larger view…or click on the itemized links to see each quilt individually). What does “explored” mean? It means your photo was  picked that day to go onto pages of “interesting” photos.  Photos that are explored tend to be those that have had an initial rush of interest when they’re first posted.

Cool, right?

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    • Ivy on July 31, 2012 at 10:03

    That is so excellent! I wish I had some “Explored” quilts on Flickr! 🙂

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