The Truth 365: Shedding Light On Childhood Cancer

You may remember Melinda Marchiano – a childhood cancer survivor who wrote a nationally recognized and award winning memoir about her journey through cancer. In 2010, I dedicated myself to raising money and awareness for a cure for childhood cancer…and I read Marchiano’s book (read my review). Melinda is now a freshman at Pepperdine University studying to one day be a doctor, but she has not stopped fighting cancer. This time she is fighting for other kids. Her current project is The Truth 365, “a ground-breaking, grass-roots documentary film and social media campaign that gives a voice to children fighting cancer.” It is a collaborative effort led by Dena Sherwood, founder of Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation (AWOCCF) and mother to five-year old Neuroblastoma Warrior, Billy Jr., and Emmy-winning producer, Mike Gillette, with the support of the Band of Parents.

The campaign officially began last week, September 13th , National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, with the release of the first of 10 short videos at 9:00 PM EST. A different video vignette will be posted each subsequent evening at 9:00 PM EST, culminating on September 23rd with the release of the full The Truth 365 documentary, hosted by 18-year-old  Melinda Marchiano. To learn more about The Truth, visit or Facebook at

Dena Sherwood, founder of Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, says:

By combining the powerful medium of documentary with the viral nature of Social Media, we aim to shine a light on the state of childhood cancer research funding by uniting the childhood cancer community, members of Congress, the nation’s top pediatric oncologists and several influential celebrities. In this election-year we need for our politicians to hear the cries of these children and their parents, who are desperate for funding, less toxic treatments, and ultimately a cure.


Sign this petition to increase federal funding for childhood cancer. It is a small thing that only takes a couple of seconds…but it can have a huge impact on the lives of children with cancer.

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