2012 Reading Wrap-Up

numberjumbleIt is the last day of 2012…and so I feel compelled to crunch the numbers for a reading wrap-up!

Twenty-twelve was an interesting year for me with personal challenges and losses and a new focus on my latest obsession: quilting and sewing. I read 38 fewer books and nearly 10,000 fewer pages than in 2011, but the quality of my reading was still excellent with 31% of the books I read garnering a 5 star rating (compared to 25% in 2011). Overall, the books I finished in 2012 averaged a whooping 4.3 stars (a tenth of a point higher than in 2011).

Ninety-eight percent of my reading was in fiction, and female authors dominated my stacks. Seventy-four percent of my reading involved new-to-me authors. I also managed to read three short story collections, nearly the same as in 2011 when I read four.

Here is the breakdown of my reading by the numbers:

  • Number of Books Read: 58
  • Number of Pages Read: 20,121
  • Average Pages per Book: 347
  • Most Books Read in a Month: 8 (February)
  • Least Books Read in a Month: 2 (December)
  • Average Number of Books Read in a Month: 4.8
  • Number of Non Fiction Books Read: 1
  • Number of Fiction Books Read: 57
  • Short Story Collections Read: 3
  • Female Authors (Percent of Total): 43 (74%)
  • Male Authors (Percent of Total): 15 (26%)
  • Books Written by New-To-Me Authors (Percent of Total): 43 (74%)
  • Number of 5 Star Books Read (Percent of Total): 18 (31%)
  • Average Rating of All Books Combined: 4.3 stars

Tomorrow (the first day of 2013) I will be posting my favorite books of 2012 – I hope you’ll come back to see which books made my list!

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