Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

Changes to Combat Spam

spamI hate spam.

I really do.

I have an excellent spam filter (sometimes too good), but in the last two months it has missed more bad comments than usual. One day I had 45 “please moderate” comments and they were all spam. Almost every morning, I was waking up to over 500 spam comments that my filter actually caught…and there really is no way to wade through all of those to make sure there are no legitimate comments there.

So I’ve made the decision to close comments which are more than 45 days old. I hate to do it because at least once a month someone comments on an older review and I love that. But most spammers seem to be focusing on older posts. In the last week since I modified comments, there have been less than 20 spam comments in my filter each day. It has allowed me to scroll through those comments and make sure that they are all, in fact, spam and not someone who is trying to leave a legitimate comment. It makes me feel like I have my blog back.

I may do this for a while and then re-open comments for older posts again. Or maybe not.

What about all of you? Do you have a solution to stop spam? Are there some days you want to just throw up your hands in frustration?