Medallion Quilts…and a Special “Round Robin” With Friends

RoundNRound.CenterBlock20001Have you ever heard of a medallion quilt? Here is a definition:

Medallion quilts are defined as quilts with a center area of interest surrounded by a series of borders. The center can be a pieced or appliqued block, or a wholecloth panel. The borders can be wholecloth, pieced, or appliqued. – from Liberated Medallion Quilts, by Gwen Marston –

Check out the Pinterest board I started to showcase these amazing quilts.

RoundNRoundBUTTONI love the look of medallion quilts and so I was very excited when I was invited to become part of a group on Threadbias to do a “round robin” for this type of quilt. Angela from All Patched Up is our courageous leader and organizer for the Round N’ Round group (read more about our group here).

Here is how a round robin works:

Everyone in the group creates a center block (my block is right up there in the left hand corner of this post) and establishes a color scheme and/or theme. Then those blocks start to travel. They move from one quilter to the next with each person adding a border to the quilt. Eventually, the quilt returns to the original “owner” of that quilt…with all the gorgeous borders which have been added. The result is a collaborative quilt that celebrates the personality of each person in the group.

Angela had a great idea which was to include a journal with our center block – a place where we could indicate color choices, theme, likes/dislikes, etc… Each quilter will add an entry to the journal before passing the quilt in progress onto the next person. We are also going to include bits of fabric as we go to provide some continuity for future rounds.

As my quilt begins its travels, I will try to keep you updated as to its progress.

In the meantime, if you are interested in starting your own group, or just want to make a medallion quilt on your own, here are some great resources for inspiration:

LiberatedMedallion LibertyLove

Liberated Medallion Quilts by Gwen Marston (AQS Publishing)

Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg (C&T Publishing / Stash Books)

The gorgeous medallion quilt in Abegg’s book can also be found in the Spring 2013 edition of Love Quilting and Patchwork, which is a UK publication. Although the paper edition is now sold out, you can still purchase the digital issue.


Have you even made one of these fantastic quilts? If so, please give me a link to a photo of it in the comments so I can add it to my Pinterest Board!!


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  1. I love them but never knew they had a particular name. I like the idea of the co-working, too. People try to do similar online with images and so on, but it could never be the same.

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