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Progress in my Round Robin Group

I am a member of a small group of women over at Threadbias who are working together in a Round Robin to make medallion style quilts. There are seven of us and we have each made a center block which is then passed to the next person, who adds a “round” and then it goes to the next person…and so on and so on. Each person tries to create a unique border for the block in their possession – taking into consideration of color, design and the block owner’s preferences.

I am finding the process very rewarding. It is challenging to try to figure out what each block needs – what will enhance it? What kind of “movement” does one want to create? Does it need more color? Less? Solids or patterns?

Anyway, I thought I would share a bit with you what I’ve done in the last few months.

First of all, here is the center I created:


My center is traveling – and I don’t have anything to show you yet on it…

BUT, I have now received two centers from others in my group. The first one came from Karen and looked like this when it arrived:


I thought a lot about what I thought this block needed…and I was guided by Karen’s journal where she encouraged people to “play” with fabric and not be afraid of wonkiness. After leaving this block on my design wall, I finally came to some decisions. I thought the quilt needed some solids – a place to rest one’s eye because the center is busy with dots and color. The center also has movement. So I wanted to continue that sense of spinning round in my border. I used Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston for my inspiration and decided on liberated blunt nosed sawtooth block (on page 66 for those of you who have the book). I picked out some selected prints and lots of solids, keeping in mind the colors used in the center block and then just started piecing. Eventually, I decided to use a piece of fabric which Karen sent with her block – a white with gray dots – as a type of sashing…and the way I used it I hope will make the block retain its circular movement:


The next block that came my way was from Terry. It had already gotten its first round from Karen.


Once again I let it sit on my design wall hoping it would tell me what it needed next. I really liked the yellows that Terry chose for her center and I decided I wanted to give the quilt a little light…so I selected some yellow fabric and then complemented it with a dash of red and some blue pindot fabric – all the fabric I chose either used dots or stripes. I started out making tiny four square blocks with some dot fabric and a wonderful yellow and black fabric I had in my stash. These blocks (which I set on point) are only 2″ square when finished.


I then added corners to the four square blocks using the yellow, red and blue dot fabrics – the result is little hourglass patterns. I bordered this border with black dots on white fabric (sort of the polar opposite from Karen’s round). Finally, I made cornerstones that mimicked the cornerstones from Karen’s round, with a little twist. Do you see the shape of a sun in the corner?


I liked the idea of a sun because I’ve met Terry in person, and she is a sunny, friendly, bubbly person (that’s Terry on the left in the photo below)!


That border is really pretty busy, isn’t it? And I wanted the eye to rest a tad…so I inserted a narrow border of solid turquoise (the same turquoise from the center block). Ta Daaaaaaa:


This is so much fun to do. Yes – challenging and sometimes daunting – but ultimately so satisfying! I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey with you!


  1. Ti Ti
    August 23, 2013    

    I know little about quilting but I know what my eye likes and you always do beautiful work. I love your color choices.

  2. Tui Tui
    August 23, 2013    

    oooh these are going to be so much fun, Wendy! I love where you went with each block and really look forward to seeing the finished results. Do you have a time frame you have to work within?

  3. Oh, this sounds like this has all the makings of … a novel.

    (Maybe it already is. I’m not a quilter. But I can see it, absolutely.)

    A bestseller, for sure.

  4. paula paula
    August 24, 2013    

    All I can say is “wow”! Your round on Terry’s quilt is fantastic! I love everything about it!

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