2014 Creative Goals

I started quilting in 2009 – it will be five years in the Spring – and I have come a long way since my first quilt. I don’t make the same mistakes anymore, I make new ones! It used to be challenging just to sew a scant quarter inch seam or cut a square accurately. Lining up the seams and stitching rows used to make me sweat. Now all those things seem very basic and easy to me.

In 2013 I tried a lot of new things in sewing. I learned how to make a hidden zipper and sew a pillow. I tackled curved seams. I tried more difficult designs and did not shy away from challenging fabrics like linen. I joined a few sew alongs, signed up for my first Craftsy class and made lots of new friends in the quilting world. I should dub 2013 as the year of the pillow as it seems I made more pillows this year than anything else! Here is a collage of my creative work in 2013:


1. PlPlayfulPiecingPincushions.Stack.030001ayfulPiecingPincushions.Stack2, 2. The Metro Pillow, 3. Chevron Pillows.Front, 4. ReadBetweenTheLines, 5. CompassPillow.QuiltDetail, 6. ModernDiamondPillow.Front, 7. FramedPillow.Front, 8. PlaygroundPillow.Back, 9. DapperTR.Front10001_1, 10. ModernDiamonds. on rail, 11. ModernChevronPillow.front detail, 12. Simply Retro Vintage Pillow.front, 13. SophieChurnDash.draped on table, 14. RetroTableTopper.DetailCrabBlock, 15. VintageFlowerGirl.onbed, 16. KK.front, 17. SpringVineTR.ontable, 18. Starlight.FoldedOverChair, 19. HeartPillow.SideView, 20. BrrrPillow.01, 21. quiltsForBoston – Healing, 22. Simply Retro Vintage Pillow.HiddenZipper., 23. SweetLifein PBJ.Sunshot, 24. FramedPillow.Back.

So today I got to thinking about what I wanted to do in 2014. What new skills did I want to learn? What quilt patterns were calling out to me? Was there something new I just had to try in the new year?

I’ve come up with a list. Nothing is set in stone. These are just some things I want to do and I hope they happen in 2014:

  • Learn to make a Dresden block and make a quilt using that block
  • Experiment with improvisational piecing
  • Use different textures in one quilt: linens, linen blends, voile, satin, silk, etc…
  • Continue to experiment with design and consider writing some tutorials
  • Learn to applique – both hand and machine
  • Start a creative journal where I can document ideas and play with design and come to a better understanding of my creative style

There is probably more!

I hope you’ll come back often in 2014 to see how I’m doing!

5 thoughts on “2014 Creative Goals”

  1. I have little idea how to sew, and no idea about quilting, but I have decided that 2014 is going to be full of my creative pursuits- more drawing, more decorating, learning to knit. I love your work and I imagine 2014 will be a very winning year for you with your goals.

  2. Ooh, I love the idea of creative goals. I might have to think about this for next year (which is only in about 13 minutes…!)

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Wow, you have had a very creative year. I am glad I was along for the journey and look forward to 2014. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Thanks for all the “lessons” we have had in the last year; for opening your home to Conni and I for sewing, fun and laughter. I know there are many more to come. And yes, you should do some tutorials since you are a wonderful teacher! Blessing to you and Kip in 2014!

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