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Oh my.

Look at this:


Thus was the state of my sewing room this morning. That wonderful little desk area that I initially designed so I could sit and contemplate and draw and create? It had become a catch-all for every unfinished project, and stacks of fabric I had yet to put away.

Remember this post? Well, my commitment to creativity this year is to be able to spend time feeding my creative soul. Sketching ideas. Putting together color. Envisioning projects.

I couldn’t do that with this mess.

The other day I was at Cost-Plus shopping their sales…and I came across a great little rolling cart – the perfect solution for this problem in my sewing room. I spent some time this morning cleaning up and reorganizing…and look what just one small rolling cart can do for a big, huge mess:


Here’s a close up of the cart (it has three deep, open drawers and is on wheels for easy maneuvering – and it fits perfectly beneath my desk area):


Now I can get to my jars of perl cotton thread, and ribbons, and buttons:


And I finally have space to open my creative journal and play!


Okay, so I still need to sort my scraps and put away that pile of fabric – but I am in a much more organized space than I was 2 hours ago!

SewingRoom.stuff0001 SewingRoom.pileofabric0001

There is always tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Organization…”

  1. Wow, you should come to my house…I’ll hire you! :) but mostly these days its baby/toddler toys that need organizing! You did great!

  2. Wow, that looks great! I know how good it feels to tame a space like that. Good luck keeping it that way !!!

  3. Looks great now how long will it stay that way? As long as you aren’t sewing. lol My husband builds custom sewing machine tables . Come and see my sewing room.

  4. Good job!!! I can’t help but takea little credit for those orgnizing genes I passed on!!! Isn’t it satisfying to make order out of chaos?! LOL

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