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A Sunrise Quilt for my Sister

VoileAroundWorld.Front.010001This quilt was made for my sister, Paula who is my best friend and partner in crime when it comes to quilting. In many ways, Paula is my hero…she is extremely courageous, gritty and fearless. I wanted to make her a really special quilt…and this is it.

This quilt measures 72″ X 60″ and I used the Scrappy Trip Around the World pattern. I decided to finally cut into my stash of voiles – fabrics that I have been collecting for about 3 years whenever I saw them on sale, or saw a print I couldn’t live without. Most of them are from Anna Maria Horner collections, but there are also some Valorie Wells prints in there. I controlled the scrappiness of this quilt by making sure that the dark blues always ran down the center of every block…otherwise, I simply paired fabrics any old way.

VoileAroundWorld.OnRail.010001Voile is not all that hard to work with if you control some of the “floatiness” of it – I used light spray starch which really helped with the cutting part of things. I also used a very fine, Microtex needle.

The back is Shannon Minky Dimple Dot in Dusty Rose which I ordered from The Minky Boutique (I first ordered samples in order to chose the color – this shop is very easy to work with and offers discounts on purchases of 5 yards or more).

VoileAroundWorld.Back.010001 VoileAroundWorld.CloseUp0001

The binding is a Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton which picks up the blues, purples and pinks in the quilt top.

VoileAroundWorld.Binding0001I used the embroidery function on my sewing machine to craft the label, then hand stitched it on the back with perl cotton thread.

VoileAroundWorld.Label010001 VoileAroundWorld.BackReveal.010001

The quilting on this is straight lines following the diagonals and diamond patterns from the front (you can see it best by looking at the photo of the back of the quilt).

The batting is 100% silk for a great drape and lots of warmth.

VoileAroundWorld.DrapedOnSwing.010001My goal was to create a super soft, cuddly and warm quilt that represented something extraordinary. A friend of mine told me it reminded her of a sunrise when I first showed her the photos of this quilt on my design wall…and so that was my inspiration for the name of this quilt!

VoileAroundWorld.BackReveal.020001I was able to deliver this to Paula in person on my trip back to New England…so of course I’m going to show you some photos of that…








  1. Mary Mary
    May 21, 2014    

    Love, love, love in so many ways from the gorgeous quilt, to the fact you are together and you got to deliver it in person!

  2. Diane@BibliophilebytheSea Diane@BibliophilebytheSea
    May 21, 2014    

    Absolutely beautiful and a labor of love for sure. Thanks for sharing Wendy.

  3. May 21, 2014    

    Beautiful — the quilt and your relationship. You are blessed.

  4. Carol Hartley Carol Hartley
    May 21, 2014    

    Wonderful!! 2 special ladies and a special quilt. I am so glad you are both together to talk about everything and the colors in the quilt. Made me smile.

  5. May 23, 2014    

    This quilt is beautiful and truly extraordinary. Thanks for sharing your photos. You are very talented to make this quilt.

  6. May 23, 2014    

    Beautiful work! She loved it for sure.

  7. Anne Simonot Anne Simonot
    May 23, 2014    

    Gorgeous! Scrappy Trips is a great pattern, and I have made a couple. And there will be more.

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