Stitching for Charity

There are many reasons I quilt, but one of them is to bring joy to others. I’ve made a lot of quilts over the last five years, and I’ve given away many of them: to friends, to family, and to charity.

My first charity quilt went to Quilts for Kids in June of 2010. That same year, I made a special quilt for Green Fairy Quilts which was delivered to a child in Romania. I’ve also donated a bag to an organization in Oregon to help kids in foster care.

But three items in five years doesn’t seem like a lot. So lately I’ve been thinking about making charity quilts more routinely. I’ve joined a group on Threadbias and have been working on a charity quilt which is slated to be finished this fall:


I’ve also joined a group on Flickr (do. Good Stitches) which makes quilts for children in need. I am part of the Cheer Circle (we donate our quilts to Project Linus) and have volunteered as a “stitcher” … which means I’ll be making two blocks a month to contribute to a quilt.

This was my first month with them and here are the two blocks I made per the request of the “quilter” for August (one “warm” block and one “cool” block which are made with half-square triangles):


DoGoodStitches.August2014.CoolBlock0001Quilting is an art that can bring happiness and peace to others. There is nothing quite like wrapping oneself in a quilt made especially for you.  Which is why donating quilts to charity is important to me.

Stay tuned for more posts in the future about charity quilting!

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    • Serena on August 15, 2014 at 10:11

    I really love both of these…that warm red tones are great.

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