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The Family Handyman Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual – Review

HandymanDIYManual.Are you someone who likes to take on DIY projects around the house? Or maybe you don’t like it, but you find yourself faced with fixing things like leaky pipes. Or maybe you want to revamp your landscaping or remodel the living room. If your answer to any of these is “Yes” than you need to go out and buy yourself a copy of the newly updated Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual published by editors of The Family Handyman by the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.

I received this book from the wonderful folks over at FSB Media and gifted it to my husband for Christmas. My guy is a very handy man (which I love) and he has owned and used all the previous editions of this book. So I was very happy that he agreed to assist me with this review.

The book has chapter divisions that make sense and uses colored tabbed pages to make finding what you need easy. It covers topics that range from Hand Tools to Power Tools, Plumbing, Electricity, Interior Repairs, Windows and Doors, Landscaping and more … there are a total of seventeen individual sections that provide basic information (readers can also access the Family Handyman website to get more in depth information for any project).

This updated version of the classic manual has improved illustrations which are clearer and easier to follow for those who are visual learners. A section on Cordless Tools has also been added, along with updated general codes/new developments for things like electrical installations.

My husband also noted that the book is a distinctive shape which makes if easy to locate on the bookshelf. When asked if he recommended it, he said “It is a great basic home reference book.

I try to steer clear of most home repairs, but I thumbed through this manual and discovered that even I could probably get by without too much trouble by following the instructions! And that says a lot!

Highly recommended as a home reference guide.


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