Little Quilts SAL Round Up – January

LittleQuilts.LTWe are hosting a sew along over on Threadbias in 2015! Members of the group will be sewing from the Little Quilts book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsinger. Feel free to join us any time – if you are not a member of Threadbias yet, go ahead and sign up (it’s free!) and then find the Little Quilts group and click the “join” button. That’s it! Hope to see you there!

We chose to sew the mini quilt Drawn Together for January – which proved to be quite popular. Drawn Together uses paper piecing to create a beautiful star within a star pattern. Members of the group put together some gorgeous quilts – and depending on the fabrics they chose, each one had a different “look” to it.

Check out these lovely finishes – be sure to click through to each member’s project page to see more detail for each quilt:



Katie and Mary chose beautiful soft colors for sweet versions of this quilt.

DrawnTogether.CathieCathie’s quilt also had a tranquil feel to it.



Both Kirsten and Margaret chose to make pillows from their mini quilts.



Audrey and Erica and gave us bright, fiery colors for a bold statement.



Nicole and Carol also made strong statements with their use of black prints (Nicole) and solids (Carol)





Pink and red were favorite colors for many participants, including Valerie, Candice, Marsha, and Margaret.

DrawnTogether.GardencrafterGardencrafter’s quilt was inspired by the colors lilac and turquoise.



Whereas Karen and Cynthia‘s quilts had a more scrappy feel to them.

DrawnTogether.WendyI also tried my hand at this one and was inspired by the print in the outer triangles.

Stay tuned for more little quilts each month!

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    • cathie on February 6, 2015 at 19:58

    Thank you Wendy for pulling this all together when you have so much to get done.

    • carol on February 7, 2015 at 17:34

    They all look so great, thank you for blogging and sharing!!

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