An Improv Mini Quilt for a Friend

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ImprovMini.Conni20001Recently I attended a small quilt retreat. We were tasked with making a mini quilt for one of the people attending…and my person also happened to be a good friend -Conni!

We affectionately call Conni the “canary” because she breaks into song with the least little prompt (she makes up her own tunes and words and gets us all laughing)…so it was obvious I needed to include a bird or two in her mini. I found this amazing tutorial over at Pie Lady Quilts for improv birds…so much fun to just slice and stitch (I used my scissors and no ruler for much of the construction). The center bird had to be yellow to represent a canary…and I made a tiny label and hand embroidered the word “canary” on it – attached it to the mini with an orange button. I also created some labels with notes so it would appear that the bird was singing (I used buttons and hand embroidered to give some texture to these labels).

I included some improv flying geese (which ended up looking like a tree to me!) and fabric that had special meaning – some text of wines (Conni and I love to share a glass from time to time!), a print that says “You and me” and some text with definitions for sewing. I used really bright colors because Conni loves brights…and crafted two more (smaller) birds for each corner.

I made a special label for the back (you can find pre-printed personalized labels at Sweetwater).

This entire quilt was pieced with improvisational techniques. I planned it as I went, adding pieces as the mood struck.

I was so happy that Conni loved this!

Mt.Shasta.ConniNameQuiltbyMe020001I think there may be more of those improv birds in my future!

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    • Conni on June 20, 2015 at 13:58

    I am the “Conni” that this was made for!! I love this mini so much and I love Wendy even more! She put so much thought and detail in this quilt. Her nickname is TURBO and you can only imagine why! She gets 50 projects done to my one!!! I have learned so much from Wendy…I wish you all could know her. Hugs and thank you so much….

    • Mary on June 20, 2015 at 14:16

    Just love this mini and was lucky enough to be able to see it in person as well as see Conni receive it. What a perfect gift!

  1. It’s lovely!!

    • cathie on June 21, 2015 at 06:14

    I was also lucky to see this mini in person, and it is wonderful. Wendy puts so much thought into each one of her projects and there is always her own little twist. Her quilts and projects bring so much joy….just like her friendship.

    • Jill@pieladyquilts on June 22, 2015 at 10:38

    Wow! Your little canaries turned out great. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for your friend. I am happy to see the little birds in action!

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