Little Quilts Round-Up: May and June

LittleQuilts.LTWe are hosting a sew along over on Threadbias in 2015! Members of the group will be sewing from the Little Quilts book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsinger. Feel free to join us any time – if you are not a member of Threadbias yet, go ahead and sign up (it’s free!) and then find the Little Quilts group and click the “join” button. That’s it! Hope to see you there!

To get more detail on each project in this post, click on either the image or the link to go to the maker’s project page.

May’s little quilt was Fans Of May – an adorable mini quilt with a simple pieced center surrounded by dimensional fans.

FansOfMay.KarenKaren used plenty of red in her mini, a color that makes her happy!

FansOfMay.ValerieValerie chose bold, fun colors to make her little quilt sparkle.

FansOfMay.WendyI decided to go with a girly, vintage feel and used a bit of lace around my fans.

June’s little quilt was Candy is Dandy – a mini which celebrates the wrapped, hard candies of childhood.

CandyIsDandy.CathieCathie’s mini keeps it simple with clean lines and solids.CandyIsDandy.MargaretMargaret made her quilt modern with fabrics from the popular Cotton and Steel collection…and added great quilting to enhance the texture

CandyIsDandy.WendyI decided to use some cross weave solids to my quilt to give it a little depth.

July’s mini quilt is Pretty Little Half Hex – it is a challenging little quilt but I am looking forward to seeing how others will interpret this pattern.

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