Creative Ventures

I love creating things – stories, samplers, jewelry, quilts…the list goes on and on. This page is dedicated to the creative part of my life which fulfills, relaxes and inspires me. You will see sub-pages here – clicking on them will take you to galleries of my work (for each category) and link you to specific articles on my blog. I hope you will enjoy this new aspect of Caribousmom.

**Please note this page and its sub-pages are under construction…check back frequently as I build them!

Counted Cross Stitch

I have enjoyed counted cross stitch for years and years. Lately I have been doing less of this craft because my up close vision is not as good as it once was. My favorite part of counted cross stitch is watching the pattern develop beneath my fingers. Below are links to articles about this craft …

Quilting and Sewing

Quilting is a new craft for me in 2009. Not that I have not tried to do this before…I have (I even took a class to learn how), but I got discouraged easily and never completed a project until just this year. I credit my sister, Paula, with encouraging me and motivating me to actually …

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