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2009 Quilt Projects

2009 was the year I discovered the joy of quilting. My sister, Paula, came for a visit in the spring of 2009 and together we pieced my very first quilt. I completed five quilting projects in 2009 – 2 tablerunners (one which I gave away), a full size quilt, a lap quilt for my dad, and a baby quilt for a new baby.

Here are my projects for 2009…

**Click on any photo to enjoy a larger view

1. Old Red Barn Quilt-Along Strip Quilt – COMPLETED August 1, 2009

This is my first quilt and was cut and pieced with the help of my sister, Paula and my niece, Abby. I had this quilt professionally machine quilted by June Broughton of Redding, California. She used a mushroom pattern which turned out beautifully. June got me started on the binding, but I finished it myself.

Finished size: 76″ X 96″

Materials Used: Primary fabric by Blank Quilting (Inspiration II and III and Lakehouse Polka Party) which supports Ovarian Cancer Research. Other fabrics used are from Jinny Beyer, Southsea Imports, Benartex (Mellow Yellow), and batiks from Hoffman Fabrics (Spearmint) and Java Batiks by Galaxy.

Want to make this quilt? Visit the Flickr group to get links to the tutorial and to see what other quilters did with this project.

left to right: photos of quilt prior to quilting and binding – close up of fabric, close up of pattern, full view, reveal of back art, back of quilt

TealYellowStripQuilt.072009-07-15 TealYellowStripQuilt.022009-07-15 TealYellowStripQuilt.012009-07-15 TealYellowStripQuilt.032009-07-15 TealYellowStripQuilt.042009-07-15

Photos of Completed Project:

StripQuilt.Finished92009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished172009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished132009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished12009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished152009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished32009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished52009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished182009-08-02 StripQuilt.Finished72009-08-02

What I learned from making this quilt:

  • Making a quilt with someone you care about makes it that much more special.
  • There are no mistakes in quilting, only opportunities to make things better.
  • Measure, measure, measure… BEFORE you cut.
  • Strip quilts are easy and very forgiving for beginner quilters.
  • Quilters are some of the nicest people on the face of the planet.
  • One spool of quilting thread is EXACTLY enough to make a double-sized quilt

2. Lap Quilt (gift for my father) – COMPLETED August 12, 2009

This quilt was created using Atkinson Designs: Yellow Brick Road. A simple strip quilt which uses 6 fat quarters to create a baby-size quilt. I made this completely by myself from selecting fabric, cutting, piecing, machine quilting and binding.

Finished size: 46″ X 55″

Photos below were taken prior to quilting and binding:

LapQuilt.Dad.032009-07-15 LapQuilt.Dad.012009-07-15 LapQuilt.Dad.022009-07-15

Photos of the completed project with close ups of the quilting detail (straight diagonal lines through the middle and parallel lines around the border):

Aug2009.DadsQuilt072009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt022009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt032009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt052009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt082009-08-16 Aug2009.DadsQuilt2009-08-16

3. Table Topper in blues and golds – COMPLETED August 1, 2009

This project was actually started TWO years ago when I took a beginner quilting class. Being the perfectionist I am, I got discouraged when all my points weren’t matching up…I set it aside. After my success with my strip quilt, I decided I needed to finish this one – perfect or not!

The pattern for this design is a Willow Wonder pattern: Vintage Blossom.

Finished size: 25″ X 25″

Photos below were taken prior to quilting and binding:

TableTopper.1stProject.032009-07-15 TableTopper.1stProject.012009-07-15 TableTopper.1stProject.022009-07-15

Here is the finished project:

Tabletopper.Finished62009-08-01 Tabletopper.Finished42009-08-01 Tabletopper.Detail.Back22009-08-01 Tabletopper.Finished32009-08-01

What I learned from making this project:

  • It was worth the $30 to buy a walking foot with straight line quilting guide for my sewing maching.
  • You don’t have to be perfect to quilt, but it helps all your triangle points to line up if you are accurate with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • You should finish what you start.
  • Machine quilting is not as hard as you might think.
  • Fabric has quite a bit of stretch so you can fudge a little if things are just a little bit off.

4.  Dancing Girls Baby Quilt (crib size)

DancingGirls.BabyQuilt112009-09-18This quilt was made for Kip’s cousin who recently had a baby girl – her first. I designed the quilt around an adorable dancing girl fabric from the “Kiki’s Play Day” collection by Polly Ann Blythe for Camelot Cottons. With this fabric in hand, I quickly selected several different fabrics (some from the same collection) which incorporated pink and the softest of greens. I decided I would cut my fabrics to 4.5″ squares and stitch them together in rows; then fussy cut a strip of the dancing girls to piece in the middle of the quilt. I chose another fabric from the same collection (bubbles in soft green) to bind the entire quilt. The back was constructed primarily from a soft, textured pink fabric … but I made the quilt reversible by piecing some 4.5″ squares and a small strip of dancing girl fabric to span the width of the quilt on the back. I used simple “in the ditch” quilting to finish things up.

Finished size: 35.75″ X 42.25″

Front of Quilt:

DancingGirls.BabyQuilt012009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt022009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt052009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt062009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt082009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt072009-09-18

Back of Quilt:

DancingGirls.BabyQuilt102009-09-18 DancingGirls.BabyQuilt042009-09-18

What I learned Making this Quilt:

  • Baby quilts are way, way fun to stitch.
  • One piece of fabric can inspire an entire quilt.
  • Don’t be afraid to strike out on your own without a published pattern – the simplest of designs can be the most beautiful.

5. Christmas Pinwheel Table Runner – COMPLETED December 2009

This table runner was inspired by Jodi at Pleasant Home. I made my runner shorter than her’s … and the block size slightly larger. I fell in love with this line of fabric from Marcus Fabrics called Metro Mirage and designed by Michelle D’Amore. It is incredibly soft and the colors are vibrant. I especially liked the diagonally striped fabric which made a perfect binding. I didn’t take a photo of the back of this runner, but I used the Jacobian floral chocolate fabric from the same line. It is more autumn-like, so this table runner COULD be reversible.

I quilted this one in the ditch – easy peasy!

Enjoy the thumbnails below (click on each one to enjoy a larger version):


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    • miriam on August 2, 2009 at 12:12

    I congratulate you on your beautiful quilts!

    • Paola on August 2, 2009 at 13:44

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    You are an artist, Wendy.

    • Wendy on August 2, 2009 at 14:21

    Thanks Miriam and Paola 🙂 I am having so much fun with all of this!

    • paula on August 2, 2009 at 14:24

    Oh my goodness…..your aqua and yellow quilt is the most beautiful quilt I”ve ever seen – totally gorgeous! I love the back art and the quilting is perfect! Awesome job Wendy.

    • Wendy on August 2, 2009 at 14:29

    Paula: Thank you!! I couldn’t have done it without your help, my dear 🙂

    • Mom and Nana on November 26, 2009 at 14:23

    Wendy, you are something!!!! Wonderful feast for the eyes! We have just finished looking at all of your quilts and are more than impressed with the gorgeous colors and patterns and beautiful blending of fabrics. Nana wants to know when you have time to do all of this plus everything else!!! We are now going to go to your photos of the “fur children”! See ya!

    • Wendy on December 9, 2009 at 14:06

    Thanks mom and Nana 🙂

    • TERRY MCINTOSH on January 6, 2010 at 18:25


    • Wendy on January 27, 2010 at 11:11

    Hi Terry: Could you email me? You can do so at caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

    I’m not entirely comfortable giving out June’s information on a public blog. Thanks!

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