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2012 Quilting and Sewing Projects

Below are the quilts and Sewing projects I completed in 2012.

All photos on this page are “clickable” to enjoy a larger view.

1. The Sisters Collaborative Quilt – Completed January 27, 2012

This quilt was a collaborative effort between my sister, Paula, and myself. In October 2010 Paula had just undergone surgery for cancer and was starting chemotherapy…and I was back in New Hampshire with her. We decided at that time to create two quilts using blocks that we both had made over the course of one year.

Using the book by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran called Collaborative Quilting: Talking it Over, we established some “rules” for our block construction: they had to be a size divisible by three (to make construction of the final quilts easier), we had to use bright colors, and the blocks needed to be liberated trees, stars, and houses (or a combination of those images). During the year we spent making blocks, we did not share what we were doing…which made it REALLY fun when we got together and started putting everything together. As much as we were alike, we discovered we were also different. I saw houses and trees differently than how Paula saw houses and trees. Our choice of fabric varied wildly. We also found that in putting together our quilts, we had a different vision of how blocks went together. The result was two very individual quilts even though they used blocks made by each of us.

Size: 53″ X 67″

Fabric Used: Much of the quilt is constructed with scraps. The blocks are all different sizes…so in putting them together, Paula and I had to create “filler blocks” which included rectangles of fabric as well as some pinwheel type blocks. If you look carefully, you can see that there is a letter “P’ and a letter “W” in the quilt…which is, of course, our initials! I used a variety of fabrics for the border, including a Kaffe Fassett orange stripe and a Kaffe Fassett flower print. I bound the quilt with a Kaffe Fassett purple stripe.

The Back: The back of this quilt is pieced. Both Paula and I made letter blocks to spell out sisters on our quilt backs. We also made a large star block (I made Paula’s and she made mine) for the back.

Quilting: The quilt is quilted in a free motion using a very free-form outlining of the houses and trees, and using a meandering stipple over the rest of the quilt (except for the borders which I straight line quilted).

The Label: Hand embroidered and “framed” using some colorful ribbon.

Below are thumbnail images of the quilt (click on each to enlarge):

2.  Summer Sampler Quilt – Completed February 13, 2012

This was my first effort at paper piecing. I joined The Summer Sampler Quilt Along and jumped in, ready to try something new…and I loved it!

Size: 43.5″ X 61″

Fabric Used: I used Sandi Henderson’s beautiful Meadowsweet line for most of the fabrics and sashed the quilt with a Kona cotton gray solid. I added cornerstones in the sashing to give it a little bit of pop. Choosing a binding was a bit of a process. I ended up choosing a wavy, almost-stripe from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern line of fabric. I think it compliments the quilt well.

The Back: The back is pieced using solids and more of Meadowsweet. I crafted a mariner’s compass block from a free download and placed it in the center of the back.

Quilting: The quilting is mostly straight lines in the sashing, but I also quilted around each block and did a little bit of outlining of some of the block features.

The Label: Hand embroidered and positioned off center on the left and right just above the mariner’s compass block.

Below are thumbnail images of the quilt (click on each to enlarge):

3.  Rockin’ Robin Quilt – Completed February 25, 2012

This quilt was part of a fantastic quilt-along hosted by Jen at Reanna Lily Designs, Anne Marie at Gen X Quilters, Heather and Megan from Quilt Story, Melissa at Lilac Lane, and Lisa Marie at That Crazy Quilty Girl. Based on the concept of a Row Robin quilt, the hosts of the quilt along each designed a block which we could customize and place per our own tastes. I decided to mix the blocks up (rather than have them all stay in one row) and I loved the free form look this quilt took on as it went forward. It also has a lot of negative space which allows the fabrics and block designs to shine.

Size: 58″ X 58″

Fabric Used: I used Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss fabric as the primary fabric, although there are also some other fabric lines represented too. This quilt has a really fresh feel to it with all the white and the pops of red and turquoise. I used a deep, Kona red solid for the binding.

The Back: I wanted the quilt to be completely reversible and so I pieced the back using left over blocks from the front. I also constructed some strip sets and made blocks from them. The back is really random, but carries over the block designs from the front.

Quilting: I decided to free motion quilt this one using a meandering stipple design and white thread.

Label: I hand embroidered the label and then decided to make it part of a house which I then stitched onto the back. I like how the label blends in with the rest of the design.

Below are thumbnail images of the quilt (click on each to enlarge):

4.  Swoon Quilt – Completed April 7, 2012

I am grateful to Katy at Monkey Do (formally, I’m a Ginger Monkey) for starting the Swoon-Along and the companion Flickr group to help motivate me to get this one done. This quilt is the biggest quilt I have quilted to date. The blocks are a huge 24″ square and so the quilt itself came together quickly despite its large size.

Size: 83″ X 83″

Fabrics Used: I used the gorgeous Etchings fabric from 3 Sisters by Moda with a coordinating Bella Solid. The binding is a red fabric from the collection which reads as a solid.

The Back: I really love the back on this quilt which I designed to make the quilt reversible. I made an extra front block and centered it on the back; then used large and small cuts of Etchings to piece around it.

Quilting: I was really scared to try quilting this one myself. It is large and the fabric is bulky. But, I pulled my sewing machine out of the sewing room and set it up on my dining room table so the quilt would be fully supported as I worked. I quilted with free motion in a meandering stipple (which is my “comfort zone”). Although it took time, and my shoulders and hands got tired (necessitating lots of breaks), I found it was not as hard as I had anticipated. It took me about a week to complete the quilting.

Label: Hand embroidered and pieced.

Below are thumbnail images of the quilt (click on each to enlarge):

5. Scrappy Spring Table Runner (Completed May 19, 2012)

ScrappyTableRunner.WithFlowers0001inspiration from here

Size: 15.5″ X 38.5″

Fabrics Used: A variety of scraps

Quilting: A bunch of FMQ to practice some free hand designs.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

6.  Colors of Spain Quilt (Completed June 4, 2012)

ColorsOfSpain.Front010001One of the gratifying things about being a book blogger is that sometimes I am lucky enough to get to know the author behind the words. When I first discovered Beth Kephart’s words, I fell in love. They are evocative, carefully chosen, and transporting. They are a peek into the author’s heart. I’ve met Beth once, in New York City at the 2010 BEA…but our friendship has grown through email and Facebook. Beth is kind and generous. Sometimes I get an email that simply says “Thinking of you today.” It always makes me smile.

So when I learned that Philomel/Penguin was to publish a new book by Beth in July of this year…and when that gorgeous little book arrived in ARE form in my mailbox with a lovely transcription, I knew I wanted to make a quilt to not only celebrate this book (read my review), but to celebrate a friendship.

The blocks are “snowballs” – 5″ squares of the main fabric with tiny 2.5″ squares of solid fabric sewn in the corners and trimmed. When the blocks come together a diamond of solid, coordinating fabric is formed in each corner. I bordered the quilt with a thin strip of pale pink and a wider scrappy strip. (read more about my process on the blog post)

ColorsOfSpain.Back0001Size: 60″ X 60″

Fabrics Used: Terrain collection by Kate Spain

The Back: For the back, I chose a large piece of the orange fabric, pieced a scrappy strip and centered the label.

Quilting: Parallel, wavy lines which run up and down the quilt in orange thread.

Label: I took a lot of time to design the label for this quilt – I wanted it to be based on the cover of Beth’s book. It took a few tries of sketching things out, but ultimately I ended up with a label I thought was perfect. It is hand embroidered with perl cotton thread.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

7.  Fresh Palette Summer Quilt (Completed June 11, 2012)

FreshPalatteSummer.FoldedDraped010001Sunshine, blooming flowers, blue skies, picnic lunches – all things which remind us that summer is here. I bought this quilt kit almost two years ago and am glad I finally found the time to put it all together.

Size: 60″ X 60″

Fabrics Used: This sweet quilt with its shabby chic roses and red checks uses Carrie Nelson’s Fresh Palette collection

The Back: Because this quilt kit came with the backing fabric and I did not have a lot of leftover fabric from the front, I ended up using just one piece of fabric on the back (rather than piecing it)

Quilting: I had a lot of fun quilting this one, testing my free motion quilting skills with circles within circles, squares within squares and some pebbling and organic straight lines in the border.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

8. Tahiti Tote in Elephants (Completed June 14, 2012)

TahitiToteInElephants.FrontDetail0001This pattern was touted as “easy” but I would characterize it as advanced beginner. I was very happy to have a powerful machine as there were multiple layers to sew through (including two types of interfaces). I like the bulk of this bag – it stands up by itself as you can see!! I purchased a pattern called the “Tahiti Tote” by Pink Sand Beach Designs

Size: 15.5″ wide at the top and 11.5″ tall and 4″ deep.

Fabrics Used: I used some darling fabric from Timeless Treasures as the main fabric and then found some fabric in my stash which coordinated with it.

Design Elements: The front has two pockets – one on top of the other. The top pocket has a zipper, the bottom pocket is just open on the top and would be a great place for me to slip my keys into. The top closes with a zipper as well. The inside of this bag is nice and roomy and has a plethora of pockets – six to be exact!

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

9. Modern Mug Rug (Completed July 16, 2012)

PaulasMugRugFront0001The design is my own, but it is inspired by a couple of patterns in the Modern Quilting book by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson. Mug rugs are little mini quilts (usually between 6″ and 9″ in size) which can be used to rest one’s mug of coffee (or tea) on. Some people call these “snack mats” and, I suppose, you could also use them as a mini place-mat for a snack. I made this one for my sister, Paula.

Size: 7″ X 7″

Fabrics Used: orange and turquoise scraps

Quilting: straight diagonal lines

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

10. Star Friendship Companion Quilt (Completed July 21, 2012)

CompanionStarFriendship.Front0001This is a companion to the one I made for Laura. The basic star blocks are the same in both quilts, but the layout is a bit different. In this quilt, I turned the blocks on point and used large squares of the primary fabric to offset the star blocks. The borders on both quilts are the same scrappy construction although Laura’s quilt has a wider border than mine. The backs are also similar but slightly different.

Size: 54″ X 64″

Fabrics Used: Denyse Schmidt’s amazing Hope Valley collection of fabrics. The white fabric is Kona white.

CompanionStarFriendship.Back0001The Back: Pieced with a central design.

Quilting: I free motion quilted this one making loopy, organic stars all over with some pebbling in the half square triangle edges and corners:

The Label: hand embroidered

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

11. Tahiti Tote in Giraffes (Completed July 26, 2012)

TahitiToteInGiraffes.Detail0001I purchased a pattern called the “Tahiti Tote” by Pink Sand Beach Designs. This bag was made for a charity event which will benefit an organization called Bags of Love, Inc which helps children in crisis.

Size: 15.5″ wide at the top and 11.5″ tall and 4″ deep.

Fabrics Used: Michael Miller’s Giraffe Garden in Grey

Design Elements: The front has two pockets – one on top of the other. The top pocket has a zipper, the bottom pocket is just open on the top and would be a great place for me to slip my keys into. The top closes with a zipper as well. The inside of this bag is nice and roomy and has a plethora of pockets – six to be exact!

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

12. Beach Bag (Completed August 2, 2012)

KonaCarryallInLucysCrabShack.front20001The pattern is from Pink Sand Beach Designs and it is pretty easy…although I did break two (yes TWO) needles stitching this bag because of bulky seams. I made one adaptation to the pattern – I used fabric for the straps instead of webbing because I wanted to use that word fabric!

Size: 20″ wide, 17″ tall

Fabrics Used: Lucy’s Crab Shack Collection by Sweetwater for Moda

Design Elements: Fully lined and even has a little zippered pocket in which to put a cell phone or some dollar bills.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

13. Kaffe Fassett Blush Quilt (Completed September 6, 2012)

BlushQuilt.FrontHanging0001I bought this quilt as a kit (at this on line shop) some time ago and finally got around to making. I have long wanted to make a bed size quilt using all Kaffe Fassett fabrics – not only do I have a wonderful collection of this designer’s books, but I have a healthy stash of his fabrics as well. I decided to purchase a kit because I felt a bit intimidated in putting together these large scale, bright prints…and now that I have actually made this quilt, I think I have a better understanding of how to use Kaffe’s fabrics to their best advantage. This is a fairly simple quilt – it is essentially 3.5″ squares sewn together to create the gradations of color in the overall pattern.

Size: 85″ X 85″

Fabrics Used: Kaffe Fassett in bright pinks, oranges, reds

The Back: I used left over fabric and picked up some coordinating fabric at a local shop to piece the back which actually took me longer to make than the front! But, I am really pleased with the result which makes the quilt totally reversible.

Quilting: Quilted with pink thread using straight lines both vertically and horizontally. I stitched about a 1/4″ on either side of each seam.

The Label: Hand embroidered using left over scraps of material and perl cotton floss.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

14. Garden Steps Quilt (Completed September 23, 2012)

GardenSteps.DrapedOnSteps10001This quilt was made quilt as part of a quilt-along being hosted by Clover and Violet (the Flickr group is here). Each month we were provided with a small jpg image of embroidery to download and then stitch in the center of each court house steps block (twelve in all). I ended up creating my own embroidery for block 12 as the quilt along block #12 was made as a label…and I wanted to design my own label for the back of the quilt. Each block is different because of the unique embroidery in the centers

Size: 60″ X 78″

Fabrics Used: Good Fortune collection by Kate Spain for Moda and sashed with Kona white.

The Back: The back is an original pieced design. Some of of the blocks on the back are improvisational piecing.

Quilting: I quilted this with an all over meandering stipple design using a light purple thread.

The Label: Hand embroidered original design

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

15. Vintage Holiday Quilt (Completed October 18, 2012)

VintageHoliday.FinishedTop10001Back in August I joined Fabric Mutt and several other quilters in a vintage holiday quilt along using Vintage Holiday pattern by Camille Roskelley for Thimble Blossoms (check out the Flickr group to see other interpretations of the pattern). The corners of the quilt are my own design…sort of mini ornaments to give a little interest to the border.

Size: 64″ X 52″

Fabrics Used: Joy and Flurry collections by Kate Spain for Moda.  I used a sweet red dot (on white) for sashing and a gorgeous white (on red) dot for the border (from Bonnie and Camille’s Vintage Modern collection).

The Back: I pieced the back, making an over-sized ornament and then strips of coordinating fabrics.

Quilting: I free motion quilted this with an all meandering loops design.

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.

16. Mama’s China Quilt (Completed December 12, 2012)

MamasChina.Crumpled0001Pattern by Sweetwater (Mama’s China) – With its cream background and lots of red, it strikes me as a holiday quilt.

Size: 85″ X 85″

Fabrics Used:I used Sweetwater’s wonderful Mama Said Sew collection (I used a jelly roll plus some yardage)

The Back: I pieced the back with left over fabric and used some big pieces of two fabrics in the collection – one red and one black.

Quilting: free motion quilting design of flowers and double swirls which I learned from Angela Walter’s new book, Free-Motion Quilting (Stashbooks, 2012).

The Label: hand stitched

**Go to the blog post (follow the link above) to see more photos.









    • paula on April 8, 2012 at 03:29

    Wendy, all your quilts are so wonderful! Of course I have a soft spot in my heart for the collaborative quilt! How awesome you must feel to have complete 4 quilts in less than 4 months this year…..(clapping hands here)

      • Wendy on April 8, 2012 at 07:28

      Thanks, sis! It is so much fun to share this art form with you 🙂

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