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Argus as a Puppy

Even as a puppy, Argus had a gleam in his eye; a clown in the making! Please follow and like the blue thistle

A Dog’s View of Work

It is possible for our dogs to teach us important concepts.  For example, Caribou has taught me about the definition …

Towel Dreams

Some things come from our childhood and stay with us all our lives.  That’s how Argus feels about his towel.  …

Gift From God

Our Love is A Gift From God…. Please follow and like the blue thistle


The day the boxes arrived from New Hampshire, I piled them in my guest room and forgot about them for …

Signs of Spring

It is not quite March, but even here in the mountains there are signs of spring.  Two years ago I …


Sussi at age nine; still beautiful; still young at heart. For more about Sussi, read the article “Dog Blanket” posted on February 27, 2005. Please follow and like the blue thistle

Dog Blanket

Sussi came to live with me when she was seven years old.  She was underweight and doubt filled her chocolate …

Clint – A Gentle Moment

See Article entitled Clint Catwood (February 26, 2005) for more about Clint. Please follow and like the blue thistle

Clint Catwood

If someone made me choose, I would have to say I am a dog person.  But, I did own a …

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