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Wordless Wednesday – January 4, 2012

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Love at First Bark – Book Review

It was always nice to get a great little dog who was easy to adopt out, but the special ones – the old ones, the sick ones, the blind and deaf ones the pregnant ones – they really needed someone to help them. – from Love at First Bark – Julie Klam is a sucker …

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Benrali Art Books – Review Of Manni AND The Turtle’s Dream and Keys

All was quiet that night on Shell Beach, All but the turtles rushing to sea. That night the full moon spoke to me, “You will leave the forest of palm trees.” – from Manni – Manni, From A World Beyond Stars is written and illustrated by Aman Waseem Ben Ali (writing under the pen name …

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Being With Animals – Book Review and Giveaway

To feel that mutual kinship with another creature is a special experience, one that brings us into attunement with the whole world. It’s a feeling deep in the chest, resonant in the heart: I share with all creatures a way of being in this world. All animals, in their own ways, struggle to live, and …

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Rose in a Storm – Book Review

Rose felt the storm coming, smelled snow and heavy air. She remembered other storms, the snow and wind and killing cold. She felt a flash of deep alarm run through her like a bolt of lightning. The hair on her back and neck came up. Sam called for her, but she waited a moment longer …

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Sunday Salon – January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 Another Sunday – January is flying by! This weekend I am participating in Bloggiesta – a massive blogging marathon – and getting quite a bit done despite starting a day behind everyone else and taking time off yesterday to work on a quilt. I’ve posted my crazy hoarding photos of the books …

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Raven’s Big Adventure 2010

**Clicking on any photo in this post will allow you to enjoy a larger view. Raven had a big adventure – she traveled from California to New Hampshire and then south and west again back to California … a total of nearly 8000 miles! It was her first big road trip and she handled it …

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National Adopt-A-Dog Month Book Giveaway

Did you know that October is National Adopt-A-Dog month? Did you know that 25-30% of dogs for adoption in animal shelters are purebred? And the rest are lovable, mixed-breed pets, just waiting for a chance to find a forever home? Not only can you adopt a pet from your local shelter, but there are many …

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Have you ever noticed that certain books enter your life when you need them the most? Last year when Caribou died I was devastated and grieving – really inconsolable…and I picked up In Hovering Flight by Joyce Hinnefeld. For some reason, that book spoke to my emotions and grief and helped heal me. It was …

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Sunday Salon – July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010 Another Sunday, another Salon. If there was any doubt that summer is here, it is gone now. We have had triple digit temperatures in the valley all week and it is miserable. I have also been working like crazy and there really needs to be more hours in the day to get …

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