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TransAtlantic – Book Review

What was a life anyway? An accumulation of small shelves of incident. Stacked at odd angles to each other. The long blades of an ice saw cutting sparks into a block of cold. Sharpening the blades, seating them, slotting them into handles. Leaning down to make the cut. A brief leap of ember in the […]

Summer in the South – Book Review

Who knew what baggage Charlie might have brought with him from New Orleans? What demons he might have battled? It was so difficult to ascertain a man’s true character glimpsed only through the eyes of others. – from Summer in the South – Ava Dabrowski finds herself reeling from a failed romance and the death […]

Is This Tomorrow – Book Review

She watched Jimmy sprint out of her house. He tore out across her lawn, crossed the street, and veered to the left toward his home, two houses down, a yellow ranch house with white shutters. When he got to the door, he turned and waved with both hands, grinning. Later, that’s what she told the […]

Burial Rites – Book Review

They said I must die. They said that I stole the breath from men, and now they must steal mine. – from Burial Rites – Natan Ketilsson and Petur Jonsson were murdered in Iceland in 1828. Within a short period of time, three people were tried and convicted of the murders – two women (Agnes […]

The Bat – Book Review

Darkness had fallen before they reached Sydney, but the TV mast stood like a massive lightbulb in the center of the town and showed them the way. Andrew drew in at Circular Quay, not far from the Opera House. A bat hirled in and out of the car headlights at great speed. Andrew lit a […]

Iron House – Book Review

Abigail stood at the window of the narrow room, dark sky outside, snow still loose on the wind. Frost rimed the glass and everything was damp and cold: the furniture, her clothing, her skin. She saw movement on the drive, a boy, and could no longer bear the thought of children in this stark and […]

The Sentry – Book Review

Experienced investigators referred to the site where an abduction took place as ground zero. It was the intersection where the paths of the victim and perpetrator converged, and merged into one. It was an ambush zone of abrupt furious violence or quiet threat where two paths led in and only one path led out, but […]

The First Rule – Book Review

Vory p Zakone. What they call the thieves code. These people live by eighteen rules, Pike – actual written rules, kind of like a guidebook for assholes. The first rule – rule number one – is that their families don’t matter. Mom, dad, the brother, sis – those people do not matter. They are not […]

Perfect – Book Review

Besides, the big things in life do not present themselves as such. They come in the quiet, ordinary moments – a phone call, a letter – they come when we are not looking, without clues, without warning, and that is why they floor us. And it can take a lifetime, a life of many years, […]

The Watchman – Book Review

The first patrol car arrived in seven minutes; the paramedics three minutes later. Larkin thought it would end that night when the police finished their questions, but her nightmare had only begun. – from The Watchman – Larkin Conner Barkely is carefree, young, and very wealthy. When she is involved in a car accident one […]