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A Sudden Light – Book Review

A Sudden Light – Book Review
Growing up in rural Connecticut, I had been told the name Riddell meant something to people in the Northwest. My paternal great-great-grandfather was someone of significance, my mother explained to me. Elijah Riddell had accumulated a tremendous fortune in the timber industry, a fortune that was later lost by those who succeeded him. My foref [...]

The Lobster Kings – My Thoughts

The Lobster Kings – My Thoughts
“…there’s magic in the sea, magic on Loosewood Island. The problem is that some of the magic is like Brumfitt’s mermaid: sharp with teeth.” It was magic I was looking for in Alexi Zentner’s novel The Lobster Kings – a story about the Kings’ family who have made their home on an island between Ca [...]

The High Divide – Book Review

The High Divide – Book Review
“The rough country between the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. The divide between those two watersheds. I scouted it this spring. It’s full of rugged ground, like you say – coulees, buttes, and badlands, with a little dry-grass prairie thrown in. The High Divide, they call it.” – from The High Divide - Ulysses P [...]

The Farm – Book Review

The Farm – Book Review
“Promise that you’ll listen to everything I say with an open mind. All I ask for is an open mind. Promise me you’ll do that, that’s why I’ve come to you. Promise me!” - from The Farm, page 19 – Daniel is struggling with his own inner demons when he gets a phone call from his father in Sweden. Apparent [...]

Orphan Train – Book Review

Orphan Train – Book Review
Vivian has never really talked about her experience on the train with anyone. It was shameful, she says. Too much to explain, too hard to believe. All those children sent on trains to the Midwest – collected off the streets of New York like refuse, garbage on a barge, to be sent far away as possible, out of sight. – from Orphan Tr [...]

Winner of 2 AM at the Cat’s Paj...

Winner of 2 AM at the Cat’s Pajamas
Thanks to all who entered to win a copy of this fabulous book! I used Random.org to choose a winner. Congratulations to: Debbie from Houston, Texas I’m sending you an email, Debbie, to confirm your mailing address. For those of you who did not win, I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy of this book to read! FB.XFBML.pars [...]

2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas ...

2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas – Book Review and Giveaway
 Not today, Philadelphia. Bring your sorry shit back tomorrow. – from 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas – Madeleine Altimari is only nine years old, but don’t let that fool you…this is one brave, independent-minded kid who doesn’t let reality get in the way of her dreams. Madeleine has been practicing singing all [...]

Fourth of July Creek – Book Rev...

Fourth of July Creek – Book Review
The cop flicked his cigarette to the dirt-and-gravel road in front of the house, and touched back his hat over his hairline as the social worker drove up in a dusty Toyota Corolla. Through the dirt window, he spotted some blond hair falling, and he hiked in his gut, hoping that the woman in there would be something to have a look at. Which is [...]

All Our Names – Audiobook Revie...

All Our Names – Audiobook Review
I had lost too much of the heart and all the faith needed to stay afloat in a job where every human encounter felt like an anvil strung around my neck just when I thought I was nearing the shore. - from All Our Names – Isaac is a young black man living in Uganda in the 1970s during the cruel reign of Idi Amin. He is a man with dreams of [...]

The Painted Veil – Book Review

The Painted Veil – Book Review
His lips moved. He did not look at her. His eyes stared unseeing at the whitewashed wall. She leaned over him so that she might hear. But he spoke quite clearly. “The dog it was that died.” - from The Painted Veil – Kitty Garstin, a spoiled young debutante living in 1920’s England, makes the choice to marry Walter Fane [...]
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