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Byrd – Book Review

Dear Byrd, This is how I told your father. We climbed up on his roof. We could see the ocean, wrinkles of light in the distance. I was wearing a billowy cotton skirt. I wanted to look soft, unthreatening, unselfconsciously pretty. I wanted your father to love me. My legs were pale, not used to […]

The Invention of Wings – Book Review

Those skinny ones stuck out from my back like nubs. She patted them and said, “This all what left of your wings. They nothing but these flat bones now, but one day you gon get ‘em back.” – from The Invention of Wings, page 1 – Sarah Grimke and her sister,  Angelina, grew up in […]

Whiskey Beach – Book Review

Through the chilly curtain of sleet, in the intermittent wash of the great light on the jutting cliff to the south, the massive silhouette of Bluff House loomed over Whiskey Beach. It faced the cold turbulent Atlantic like a challenge. I will last as long as you. – from Whiskey Beach, page 1 – Bluff […]

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals – Book Review

Knowledge is power. Animals deserve all we can give them. – from the Introduction – Physical Therapist Susan E. Davis spent more than thirty years using her skills to treat human patients, and then decided to funnel her love for animals into her career. She trained at the University of Tennessee’s Veterinary School and opened […]

Saving Fish From Drowning – Book Review

“Just saying we should be aware of the consequences. You can’t have intentions without consequences. The question is, who pays for the consequences? Saving fish from drowning. Same thing. Who’s saved? Who’s not?” – from Saving Fish From Drowning, page 163 – Bibi Chen is a well-known patron of the arts in San Francisco when […]

In My Stacks for May

It has been a long time since I’ve posted a dedicated post about books! Have you missed these? The other day I sifted through my recent unread book stacks and pulled out several I’d like to read this month. Now, it is unlikely I will get through ALL of these…but I will give it the […]

The Bear – Book Review

I turn over and hug Gwen and snuggle into Stick and hope the sounds will go away. Momma screams like a monster is tackling her. That’s why I know it’s a dream so I should keep my eyes shut tight. It is dark behind my eyes. Momma never yells. Mostly not ever. Except sometimes. – […]

The Secret Life of Violet Grant – Book Review

Sexual attraction. Violet knows what it is; she knows she’s feeling it now, that she’s felt it from the moment he prowled into the middle of her dark laboratory room ten days ago. – from The Secret Life of Violet Grant – Vivian Schuyler is a sharp, sexy, New Yorker trying to climb the journalistic […]

Tapestry of Fortunes – Book Review

Don’t we all want company in some form, are we not attracted to the idea of a body beside us in a thunderstorm, or another voice to help decide on dinner; to share astonishment at the latest political buffoonery or appreciation for the lush sets on Downtown Abbey? Are we not, at our most basic, […]

Still Life with Breadcrumbs – Book Review

The problem was that she’d thought that at a certain point she would be a finished product. ow she wasn’t sure what that might be, especially when she considered how sure she had been about it at various times in the past, and how wrong she’d been. – from Still Life with Breadcrumbs, page 223 […]