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Winner Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2008
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Good Kings Bad Kings – Book Rev...

Good Kings Bad Kings – Book Review

I got a plan to run away. I’m gonna go right before they’re set to ship me out of here. I been figuring it out but there’s still a few details that need a little work. I know how I’m gonna sneak out, that’s easy, but I’m not sure where I’m gonna stay at. The […]

The Master Butchers Singing Club R...

The Master Butchers Singing Club – Book Review

Since she had known Eva Waldvogel, and also traveled here and there with Cyprian, she had started to understand how a woman’s attention could succeed in making sense of man’s blind chaos, and yet women needed their own wildness. It was here. All ran riot. The garden and weedy yard would wax fuller until it […]

The Narrow Road to the Deep North ...

The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Book Review

In this way, thought Nakamura, the Japanese spirit is now itself the railway, and the railway the Japanese spirit, our narrow road to the deep north, helping to take the beauty and wisdom of Basho to the larger world. – from The Narrow Road to the Deep North, page 94 – It is August of […]

All The Light We Cannot See – B...

All The Light We Cannot See – Book Review

Open your eyes, concludes the man, and see what you can with them before they close forever, and then a piano comes on, playing a lonely song that sounds to Werner like a golden boat traveling a dark river, a progression of harmonies that transfigures Zollverein: the houses turned to mist, the mines filled in, […]

Still Life with Breadcrumbs – B...

Still Life with Breadcrumbs – Book Review

The problem was that she’d thought that at a certain point she would be a finished product. ow she wasn’t sure what that might be, especially when she considered how sure she had been about it at various times in the past, and how wrong she’d been. – from Still Life with Breadcrumbs, page 223 […]

Chasing the King of Hearts – Bo...

Chasing the King of Hearts – Book Review

If she hadn’t visited Mateusz (she wanted to warn him that the vice squad would be enquiring about her), she wouldn’t have learnt that the postman had been there. That he had delivered a letter. That her husband was asking for food. And that he had sent a new address. Mauthausen, Block AKZ. In short, […]

River Thieves – Book Review

River Thieves – Book Review

He said, “It’s sometimes the simplest explanation is closest to the truth.” – from River Thieves The Beothuk “Red” Indians were the aboriginal people of the island of Newfoundland. With the introduction of both French and English settlements, the Beothuk found themselves isolated and being squeezed out of their land, especially their access to fishing […]

Life After Life – Book Review

Life After Life – Book Review

Miss Woolf was very fond of children, her only regret in life was not having had any. “If Richard had lived, perhaps…but one cannot look backward, only forward. What has passed has passed forever. What is it Heraclitus says? One cannot step in the same river twice?” “More or less. I suppose a more accurate […]

2013 Armchair BEA – Literary Fi...

2013 Armchair BEA – Literary Fiction and 3 Book Giveaway

May 30, 2013 Today is an exciting day for the Armchair BEA. There are giveaways of fantastic books all over blogland today – check out this post to get the links. I’m also pretty stoked to talk about Literary Fiction today – I have three great titles up for grabs (go to the bottom of […]

The Plague of Doves – Book Revi...

The Plague of Doves – Book Review

In 1911, five members of a family – parents, a teenage girl, and an eight- and a four-year-old boy – were murdered. In the heat of things, a group of men ran down a party of Indians and what occurred was a shameful piece of what was called at the time “rough justice.” – from […]

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