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Ade – Book Review and Giveaway

It was like nothing penetrated until I began making my way toward him. And then it was as if I had been dying of emptiness, so readily did the world bleed into me. – from Ade, page 10 – Farida is an American college student when she decides to journey overseas with her friend, Miriam. […]

Save Yourself – Book Review

Families were like oceans. You never knew what was under the surface, in the parts you hadn’t seen. – from Save Yourself – Patrick Cusimano and his brother, Mike, are just getting by after their father is sent to prison for a drunken hit and run which took the life of a young boy. They […]

Race Across the Sky – Book Review and 3 Book Giveaway

Over the past decade he had successfully extracted any emotional confusion from his life. Jobs, career, family, the expectations of the world, were all like forgotten high school friends. But now, like a patient in remission who with horror senses his symptoms returning, Caleb felt a range of sharp emotions rising up; emotions he thought […]

This Is Paradise: Stories – Book Review and Giveaway

We look at each other, and we feel the heat rising in our faces. Our families are barely affording a life here, the land is being eaten away by developers, the old sugar companies still control water rights. Not only does paradise no longer belong to us, but we have to watch foreigners destroy it. […]

In The Garden of Stone – Book Review and Giveaway

“When you got something, someone always wants it,” he said. “You don’t show off what you got, not even your happiness. If you are happy, you go into your room and lock the door. You jump up and down where nobody gonna see your happiness. If you hide all your shiny things, ain’t nobody gonna […]

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena – Book Review and Giveaway

At the kitchen table she examined the glass of ice. Each cube was rounded by room temperature, dissolving in its own remains, and belatedly she understood that this was how a loved one disappeared. Despite the shock of walking into an empty flat, the absence isn’t immediate, more a fade from the present tense you […]

The Paradise Guest House – Book Review and Giveaway

For the last year, she played out every scenario in her mind: He would listen to her, he would rage, he would cry, he would hate her or love her. But he never walked away.  – from The Paradise Guest House – At 23:05 Central Indonesian Time (15:05 UTC) on 12 October 2002, a suicide […]

The End Of The Point – Book Review

There are moments in every life when something terrible happens to someone you love in a place where you are not, and you don’t know what has happened until afterward, and if you had known, you’d have altered the course of things by placing yourself here not there, a restraining wall, a force of nature: […]

Wanderers: Stories – Book Review and Giveaway

Wanderers: Stories by Edward Belfar Paperback: 218 pages Publisher: Stephen F. Austin University Press (June 5, 2012) Edward Belfar’s collection of stories takes readers to dusty towns in Africa, on a honeymoon in Rome, and to Yankee Stadium, among other places. The characters who people these stories include a man who chooses the wrong wife, a woman […]

Flight Behavior – Book Review

A small shift between cloud and sun altered the daylight, and the whole landscape intensified, brightening before her eyes. The forest blazed with its own internal flame. “Jesus,” she said, not calling for help, she and Jesus weren’t that close, but putting her voice in the world because nothing else present made sense. – from […]