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Weekly Geeks #7 – Photos Week

This week is all about photos. Dewey writes: Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos… Create a post of your photos. **Please click on all photos to enlarge I decided to create a post which will tell my readers a little bit about myself. Everyone knows I love books and challenges…so my first photo …

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Weekly Geeks #6 – Catching Up

Better late than never, right? Last week we were encouraged to catch up on reviews. But, Dewey also said: If you don’t review books in your blog, or if you’re all caught up on reviews, just choose something else you need to catch up on, anything at all, and you can still join in. I …

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Weekly Geeks #5 – Storytelling

This week’s theme was suggested by Renay. She says, “I thought it would be cool to ask people to talk about other forms of story-telling.” This week’s theme is once again one you could approach several ways. You might want to tell about the forms of storytelling (aside from books) you love. ************************** The art …

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Weekly Geeks #4 – Social Awareness

Choose a political or social issue that matters to you. Find several books addressing that issue; they don’t have to books you’ve read, just books you might like to read. Using images (of the book covers or whatever you feel illustrates your topic) present these books in your blog. I took my time selecting my …

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Weekly Geeks #3 – Children’s Books

Weekly Geeks #3 – Children’s Books I didn’t participate in last week’s Weekly Geeks (to provide links to other book reviews of books I’ve reviewed) because of the time issue. Right now, I’m up to my eyeballs in work and volunteering and I’m afraid to commit to something so time consuming. That said, I will …

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Weekly Geeks – Week of April 26, 2008

This week is the first week of Dewey’s Weekly Geeks – she is still looking for someone to make a button if any of you are good with that kind of thing. The challenge this week is: Discover New Blogs Week Look through the list of blogs for the participants of Weekly Geeks; find five …

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Weekly Geeks

Dewey from The Hidden Side of a Leaf has come up with a great idea called Weekly Geeks. Here’s the concept: 1. Every week there’ll be a different theme. One week might be “catch up on your library books” week and the next might be “redecorate your blog week” or “organize your challenges” week or …

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