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Winner Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2008
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A New Year, A New Plan – Readin...

A New Year, A New Plan – Reading in 2013

I am happy to welcome 2013 and it is my goal to make reading more enjoyable with less stress this year. Twenty-twelve was a tough year for me personally with the loss of my dad and my sister back in treatment for her cancer. I found myself craving “me” time and wanting to do the […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve day and I wanted to take a minute to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are! I hope your Christmas is filled with family and friends, delicious food, good music and conversation, and….great books! Tweet

Thank you, Catching Up and a Pair of ...

Thank you, Catching Up and a Pair of Socks…

I wanted to take a moment and thank those of you who stopped by and left  such wonderful and kind comments or sent me a card when I posted about the death of my father. I did not have the opportunity to write individually to each and every one of you, but your words were […]

The Truth 365: Shedding Light On Chil...

The Truth 365: Shedding Light On Childhood Cancer

You may remember Melinda Marchiano – a childhood cancer survivor who wrote a nationally recognized and award winning memoir about her journey through cancer. In 2010, I dedicated myself to raising money and awareness for a cure for childhood cancer…and I read Marchiano’s book (read my review). Melinda is now a freshman at Pepperdine University […]

Until We Meet Again…

Until We Meet Again…

*Click to enlarge this mosaic August 28, 1933 – September 17, 2012 I hold you in my heart and I remember… I love you, dad. ******  A Tribute to My Father © Tram-Tiara T. Von Reichenbach I know that no matter what You will always be with me. When life separates us I’ll know it […]

Northern California Fire…

Northern California Fire…

Many of you may by now have seen some news footage of the wildfire which is threatening the community where I live (it has now made national news). The fire is called the Ponderosa Fire and broke out on Saturday morning due to a lightening strike in Manton, CA. It quickly grew and has moved […]

Girls Sewing Day

Girls Sewing Day

*Click on any photo to enjoy a larger view Today Conni, me, Cathie and Beth all got together at my house for a long awaited day of sewing, chit-chat, laughter and good food. We’re all at different stages of our quilting life which made it really fun to share ideas and tips, and work on […]

Grief and Recovery

Grief and Recovery

It washes over you, at first – a tidal wave. It sits on your chest like a rock. It sucks the air from your lungs. And then it slips beneath the surface where others cannot see it. A song, a beloved photo, even a smell can bring it back suddenly, and without warning. Early on […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Please enjoy this beautiful card from Jacquie Lawson. Kip, Raven, Gizmo, Maia and I wish you and your families a wonderful, peaceful Christmas filled with magic! Click on the image below to see the animation… Tweet



For those readers in the United States who are celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you the most wonderful of days tomorrow. Today I am grateful for: Family, near and far Friendships which have survived distance, illness, and misunderstandings…and for the joy, love and comfort those friendships have brought to me through the years The cry of […]

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