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Winner Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2008
Shortlisted for Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2009, 2010
Longlisted for Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2011 Shortlisted Best Written Book Blog - 2010

Principles of Navigation – Book...

Principles of Navigation – Book Review
Fixing the broken had become his theme, personally and professionally, as he’d told Wolf, letting his friend assume “personal” meant his home remodeling and “professional” meant Rolly was back to creative work. But he wasn’t. – from Principles of Navigation – Alice and Rolly Becotte are married [...]

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselve...

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – Book Review
In 1996, ten years had passed since I’d last seen my brother, seventeen since my sister disappeared. The middle of my story is all about their absence, though if I hadn’t told you that, you might not have known. By 1996, whole days went by in which I hardly thought about either one. – from We Are All Completely Beside Oursel [...]

The Last Good Paradise – Book R...

The Last Good Paradise – Book Review
Now their life in tatters, Richard went off diving. Where had that protective, nurturing Richard gone? Amusing himself despite her torment. Ten years, every year since law school, lopped off. Ann worried because she knew from long professional experience that relationships only continued on some basis of parity, to be determined by the two pa [...]

Hush Hush – Book Review

Hush Hush – Book Review
The first note appeared on Tess Monaghan’s car on a March day that was cranky as a toddler – wet, tired, prone to squalls. But Tess did not know the note was the first of anything. There is no first until the second arrives. – from Hush, Hush – Readers who have been hooked on the Tess Monaghan novels by best selling au [...]

Little Quilts SAL Round Up – Ja...

Little Quilts SAL Round Up – January
We are hosting a sew along over on Threadbias in 2015! Members of the group will be sewing from the Little Quilts book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsinger. Feel free to join us any time – if you are not a member of Threadbias yet, go ahead and sign up (it’s free!) and then find the Little Quilts group and click the “join” [...]

The Dog Stars – Book Review

The Dog Stars – Book Review
So I wonder what it is this need to tell. To animate somehow the deathly stillness of the profoundest beauty. Breathe life in the telling. Counter I guess to Bangley’s modus which is to kill just about everything that moves. – from Dog Stars, page 52 – The world is not the same. A flu has wiped out 99 percent of all humans. [...]

The Family Handyman Complete Do-It-Yo...

The Family Handyman Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual – Review
Are you someone who likes to take on DIY projects around the house? Or maybe you don’t like it, but you find yourself faced with fixing things like leaky pipes. Or maybe you want to revamp your landscaping or remodel the living room. If your answer to any of these is “Yes” than you need to go out and buy yourself a copy of t [...]


care. nourish. develop. cultivate. consider. minister. treasure. foster.sustain. value. Have you seen all the posts lately about choosing a word for the New Year? I’ve been thinking about the word I’d like to live by in 2015. N.U.R.T.U.R.E. I’m a physical therapist, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an aunt. I nurture others all [...]

A Doll Quilt for Holly

A Doll Quilt for Holly
*Click on any photo in this post to enjoy a larger view My great niece, Holly, just turned four years old. She has American Girl Doll Emily who did not have her own bed. So for Christmas, I ordered a cute white bed with roses on the headboard and footboard, then used Camille Roskelley’s mini dwell pattern to make a quilt for the bed usi [...]

Sweet Sixteen – A Traditional Q...

Sweet Sixteen – A Traditional Quilt for Mom
*Click on any photo in this post to enjoy a larger viewMy mom has long desired a quilt for her bed and so my sister, Paula, and I decided to make her one for Christmas. My mother is a bit of a traditionalist and loves the colors of china blue and rose/raspberry. This quilt used a Jelly roll and a Charm pack of LeBouquet Francais by French Gen [...]
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