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Birds of A Lesser Paradise – Bo...

Birds of A Lesser Paradise – Book Review

Not everyone could live with tumbleweeds of dog hair on the steps, the night sounds of feral cats exploring the house, the raccoon rattling his cage door at two in the morning. The retrievers came to me, stuck their cold noses on my cheek. Aged and humbled, they looked like orangutans, their cinnamon-and-honey-colored coats matted, […]

The Garden of Evening Mists – B...

The Garden of Evening Mists – Book Review

The imminent rain in the air smelt crisp and metallic, as though it had been seared by the lightning buried in the clouds. The scent reminded me of the time in the camp, when my mind had latched onto the smallest, most inconsequential thing to distract myself: a butterfly wafting from a patch of scrub, […]

One More Year – Book Review

One More Year – Book Review

The psychology of endurance, did such a field really exist? Had this woman named it into existence? It seemed ludicrous in a way possible only in this country, spinning your own survival instincts into a new form of expertise, peddling them as though they were something you could teach people. – from The Alternate, page […]

The Gods of Gotham – Book Revie...

The Gods of Gotham – Book Review

I hadn’t been a copper star before. But I was then, I think, with Bird shivering so hard in m arms that she could scarcely breathe. And I am now. For if not for us, who would have ever found them? – from the ARE of The Gods of Gotham – It is 1845 and […]

A Good American – Book Review

A Good American – Book Review

We are all immigrants, a glorious confection of races and beliefs, united by the rock that we live on. As the years wash over us and new generations march into the future, family histories are subsumed into this greater narrative. We become, simply, Americans. – from an ARE of A Good American – Frederick and […]

11/22/63 – Book Review

11/22/63 – Book Review

I knew where I was; Lisbon Falls, Maine, deep in the heart of Androscoggin County. The real question was when I was. – from 11/22/63, page 31 – Jake Epping is thirty-five years old, a high school teacher living in Maine in the year 2011. Jake makes a little extra money teaching GED classes and […]

Blue Monday – Book Review

Blue Monday – Book Review

She had exposed dreams and fragments of memories, or images that felt like memories, likenesses. Because that was what she did, that was her currency: the things that happened inside people’s heads, the things that made people happy or unhappy or afraid, the connections that they made for themselves between separate events that could lead […]

The Brothers – Book Review

The Brothers – Book Review

Nowadays, a woman’s honour is neither here not there, if it ever was. When there are no men of honour, there can be no women of honour. Men charge round in a woman’s life like mad bulls, and the wisest thing to do would be to sit quietly in a dimly lit corner. But what […]

No Mark Upon Her – Book Review

No Mark Upon Her – Book Review

Beneath the surface, tendrils of dark hair moved like moss, and white fingers, slightly curled, drifted back and forth as if waving, signaling for help. – from No Mark Upon Her, page 45 – Rebecca ‘Becca’ Meredith is a high-ranking detective with the Met in London. She is also an Olympic caliber rower who has […]

Lord of the Flies – Book Review

Lord of the Flies – Book Review

Some were naked and carrying their clothes; others half-naked, or more or less dressed, in school uniforms, grey, blue, fawn, jacketed, or jerseyed. There were badges, mottoes even, stripes of color in stockings and pullovers. Their heads clustered above the trunks in the green shade; heads brown, fair, black, chestnut, sandy, mouse-colored, heads muttering, whispering, […]

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