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Steinbeck: A Life in Letters – Book Review

Of course a writer rearranges life, shortens time intervals, sharpens events, and devises beginnings, middles and ends and this is arbitrary because there are no beginning nor any ends. We do have curtains – in a day, morning, noon and night, in a man’s birth, growth and death. These are curtain rise and curtain fall, …

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Therese Raquin – Book Review

Therese Raquin, by Emile Zola Translated from the French by Robin Buss ISBN: 978-0-140-44944-0 First published 1867 This translation first published 2004 (Penguin Books) Nature and circumstances seemed to have made this man for this woman, and to have driven them towards one another. Together, the woman, nervous and dissembling, the man, lustful, living like …

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